Warning to all sellers who go off-site! We will now begin monitoring you even further!

Yes, we go overboard when it comes to security. Yes, we’re invasive. Yes, we can be rude at times and ban at a whim. But show me a site in this niche who has such a low rate of scams going on? Unless there is a new service I didn’t hear about, I can safely say that SWAPD is the safest in this category.

Today, we’re taking security one step further, and starting now, we will begin monitoring the actual properties sellers list on SWAPD. We will randomly contact them directly via DM’s (on their actual properties) via a secret client, just to see how they respond. We want to fish out sellers who don’t have a problem going off-site, this is why we’re making this move. We already have a ton of sellers who report buyers who directly contacted them via their listed properties, and we appreciate this very much. But we want to make sure everyone is just as honest.

So, next time someone DMs you via your property, watch out. It may be us!

To find out more why we don’t allow off-site communication, please visit: Rule #1: No communicating off-site. Why does SWAPD strictly enforce this rule?


People got to stop biting the hand that feeds them

1- There are some users who are registered on all THREE famous Forums and who post properties for sale on three Forums at the same time. How will you determine as who went offsite from SWAPD and not from some other Forum?

2- Some sellers share their contact details on their properties and may welcome any DM for Sale from anyone.

3- Some users were in contact with each other offsite and then one user introduced his contact here and they are still in contact with each other offsite. How can you investigate such cases if they go offsite?

I think things will get messed up and may create a lot of misunderstandings.

Will be useful in few cases but will be embarrassing in others.


Your points are valid, but they won’t stop us in what we’re trying to do. All it takes is a little creative conversation and that’s it. We’re not going to start banning people without knowing 100% that they’re willingly ignoring our rules.

You have too much free time

The joys of being an entitled/smug European!


Damn bruh… they’re onto you! @Elysian


FBI open up.

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This one is plane dumb.

Like the American government says, “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”


Yeah, I don’t deal offsite. How could you tell?

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This isn’t the only site people use to sell pages, this seems highly controlling and manipulative.

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I guess that the whole point of selling on swapd is to stay safe? Like escrow service. If someone wants to risk and sell off-site it’s their problem, not yours. I even force people I contact off-site to register on SWAPD and make transaction here since I feel safe here.

Just my 0.2 cents :slight_smile:


Well I believe this action has been well thought through due to information available to admins. However, don’t you think rather than shoving your feet down our throats you should look at why people tend to trade off this platform and put incentives in place to ensure that they stay. At the end of the day, you’re a platform that helps enable trading. You don’t necessarily “give” sellers to buyers. Instead of acting like what you’ve decided to do, I suggest you also look into means to create a more enabling platform which will retain people and not encourage them to trade off the platform. In the end, without buyers and sellers your business may not run so well. My little opinion here. Thanks.

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Okay “James Bond”

SWAPD is easily the best environment for business right now, I’m referring everybody I can to this platform as I really don’t want to conduct transactions any other way now.

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Great update. i absolutely agree

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It’s that “shoving our feet down your throats,” which makes it the safest platform to deal within this niche. We’re not forcing you to stay here, so no one is forcing anything on anyone. You’re here out of your own free will, and I agree, our methods are mean and controversial. But then again, why are people still here?

Oh that’s right, because:

  1. We’re safe.
  2. We keep scammers away.
  3. Have top-notch, high budget clients. (Didn’t you instantly open like 5 high-priced tickets in 1-2 days, @Alikoto? Even though you’re a new and unproven user?)
  4. And at the moment, we’re growing so fast we’ve actually surpassed sites like FameSwap as far as traffic goes.

I do realize people list properties elsewhere, and we would never punish someone for doing that. We know other platforms are not as strict (nowhere near as strict). But, if you only posted on SWAPD, and we catch you deliberately going off-site (of our website) just to avoid fees (or for whatever reason), while your property is listed here, then we have no obligation to show any respect for you what-so-ever, as you’re breaking our rules which we believe keep the community safe. Most of you don’t see things from our end, the countless “hey man, I know I messed up I went offsite and got scammed sorry man can you help me” emails/PMs. A considerable part of our success is that we stop scams before they even start, hence the monitored communication, strict rules, and now, checkups. I can honestly say we had probably stopped about 5000 USD (value wise) in scams last month, and this all started with us monitoring your conversations. You may think you’re a hotshot, and you can’t be touched as you’ve seen all the tricks, and that may be true. But a lot of people are gullible and fall for tricks easy, especially since they’ve heard that “SWAPD is safe”, they wrongfully assume everyone here is honest.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. We don’t sell accounts/pages/websites. We sell safety. Us fishing for dishonest sellers via this new method is just another way of weeding out people who may not be as honest as they seem. And even though this will sound harsh, anyone not agreeing with this method is free to leave our service.

Our methods are controversial, yes. But this isn’t swaying away clients. To the contrary, we keep growing and we keep getting more popular, so I can only assume we’re taking the right steps as people keep coming back.


Definitely makes absolute sense to me. Do it your way.

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Do what you gotta do!!!

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