We need your help!

It’s no secret that if you Google SWAPD, you won’t find many mentions about us. And the articles that are there, aren’t really positive :slight_smile: So, to any newbie looking us up, we’re 100% scammers. We believe most of you know that this isn’t true, and to the contrary, our service is quite good :slight_smile:

We plan to combat our negative image this year, and we would like to start with TrustPilot. I’ve always disliked such sites but we’re basically forced to join them thanks to a few negative reviews we’ve received. This his where you step in, and this is where we need your help.

If you found SWAPD to be a useful site

… then if you have some spare time, we please ask you for a review on TrustPilot: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/swapd.co

Remember, we’re not asking for POSITIVE reviews, we’re asking for HONEST reviews. If we’re doing something wrong (there is plenty of that, I am sure), then we want to know. We want to know so we can hopefully improve in the future.

Thank you!


Swapd is a great platform!

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Loving swapd, best of the best.


Apart from i getting banned everything here is heaven to me :joy:


Just gave my review

Done my part


Dropped a review

dropped a review

Dropped a review, when I was getting started about selling IG accounts I didn’t trust Swapd because it didn’t have a Trustpilot so this is definitely a great move.

If everyone reading this thread that has ever dealt here leaves a review I am 100% sure that this community will grow a lot and that will turn into more buyers buying your properties and more sellers selling you amazing properties :slight_smile:


done :slight_smile:

Done already long time ago, with a very honest one.

Done :slight_smile:

Yep done. Ninja out

Honest Review :smile:


Thank you guys I can’t believe so many of you helped! I love you all! (except shi**y @RandyMarsh)


#DoYourPart #ReviewSwapd

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Can’t believe some people posted POSITIVE things about yair on TrustPilot. Now everyone will think the reviews are fake because there is nothing positive about @RandyMarsh.

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Without me your shitty website wouldve crumbled