We're setting new fees for social media properties and services

Hello members!

I would like to announce that we have to take some semi-drastic actions and add a minimum to all social media related transfers. Before you panic, don’t worry, the fees stay the same. It’s 9% for new members, 4-8% to VIPs, and even less for Members of The Month. However, due to an influx of super small transactions, we’re forcing new minimums on our fees.

If you don’t have time, here is the short version of the new changes.

Basically, everything stays the same unless your transaction is under 200 USD. We’re introducing a 20 USD (per transfer) minimum, or 9%, whichever is greater in each and every transaction.

Here is the long version.

Imagine working for 1-2 USD per hour, because that’s the best way to describe our predicament. Confused? Well, let me explain what I mean by that. When we created SWAPD, we wanted it to be a premium place for better properties. We tried to keep low-end transactions away via our minimums which were set at 20K followers per property. Usually, properties above 20K were worth enough to make it worth our while to manage such transactions. Lower-end properties were kept at bay, and everyone was (mostly) happy. However, in the past months, we see that our users got clever, and they don’t need to list small (usually very low-end) properties in order to sell them on SWAPD. They just need to mingle via private messages and visit the Buyer Request section. This opened a lot of low-end tickets on our end. We’re talking 10-30 USD transactions. These transactions quite often take a lot of time to manage, and on top of that, some people have the audacity to complain when their 4000 followers account didn’t meet their expectations. In short, low-end transactions are killing our time, our wallets, and our spirits. This isn’t what I wanted SWAPD to become (another EpicNPC/Hackforums).

I always have said that I will shut this site down before I let it become another place for kids to sell their 20-30 USD properties.

This is why from now on (starting today), there will be a 20 USD transaction fee minimum on all lower end transactions. Instead of eliminating them completely, we are still giving users an option to trade safely. However, we will not be dedicating our lives to protect ten-dollar transactions unless it compensates us for our time.

We’ve already had minimums for all other properties (such as domains/websites). But social media section wasn’t included. So in reality, we’re just correcting an obvious omission on our part. We know some of you will be upset due to these changes, but this is the way it stays.


Current services that are up and charge less than 200 USD are immune to this change until they close their service down. Basically, if you have a service up and running (or an open ticket), this rule won’t apply to you (until you close your topic/ticket).

Thank you for reading.