We're thinking about easing ID verifications, but we will only do it after discussing it with you!

As soon as users are not linked to an ID, it means they are not known personally & don’t risk any reputation. imo services will go downhill.

There was a time on Swapd that when someone scammed, Swapd community made sure the scammer’s life became a hell. That let people think twice before scamming.


All valid points!

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How can anyone get scammed if terms are clear and transactions are escrowed? I’m still confused. Can someone articulate an actual scenario? @coehn said people can take back accounts, which is 100% valid. But if unverified sellers are restricted from selling accounts, that problem is solved.

What’s another actual scenario?


Agree with @GOAT
Strong Point

I agree on not letting them sell stuff.

You just know that there will be a lot of timewasters and a lot of people trying to pull back accounts etc.

Buying should be totally fine though, all payment methods should be allowed for non-verified users. Who cares if the money is in escrow anyway.

We all understand that you want to be more attractive to new users, but I think it would make sense for new users that they are not allowed to sell if they are not verified.

Give people 1-3 free swapd escrow transactions if they verify their ID. In this way they have a good reason to do it and to test swapd out.


If seller was not verified or does not need to be verified, what holds him back to start offering shady services & dupe loads of Swapd users again?


If new people come to swapd and they buy stuff from unverified timewasters, they will think that swapd is full with timewasters.

You just know that 75% of unverified people are just stupid kids wasting your time.

Why let them sell? They will scare of new users from using swapd again.


We all know to not deal with shady persons that have 0 reviews and 0 vouches, but not all new people know this.

Well, coming from someone who paid him around $60k for that service, he fulfilled the terms and didn’t mislead me at all. I knew the risks and chose to do business with him. I don’t think @McEvans scammed most people. He did tell at least one person on here privately that badges are guaranteed, but to me, he never said that. So even if @mcevans returned under an alias in the future, I wouldn’t really care as long as the terms are clear and the payment is escrowed.


There are lots of scenarios. I’ve seen on other sites PR links being deleted after a short time from being released, lots of “sellers” that have no idea how the service they resell works or how to actually get it done because the guy they resell from has no idea itself most of the times.

Overall it’s just unnecessary headaches and unprofessional behaviour that we will see more and more if unverified sellers will be allowed here.

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Exactly. So what holds him back to start offering same sh*tty services & dupe others again? Scam or not, people lost loads of money because of him.

What @McEvans did is NOT a scam like it or not.

You wanted verification, you got it at the end of the day.

Service fulfilled.

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Agree; PR should be added to the list of restricted categories.

Yep + a lot of new people will resell stuf from swapd on swapd. You just know that this stuff will happen.

Let them buy, not sell.

If they verify their ID, they kan do 3 free transactions once they start selling.

Best thing ever

That guy is very annoying. I have seen many people complained about him too. :man_facepalming:
He is never satisfied with anything you say to him :rofl:

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I don’t classify his service as shitty. Even though the accounts were all unverified, he never promised me anything other than the badge. The terms were clear and I decided to move forward. Just being honest here. As to the people he guaranteed lifetime badges to, that’s mostly on the buyer for not negotiating a hold period or just being unrealistic to begin with. That’s def a grey area issue. Tricky one tbh. Because even if the buyer negotiates a 90 day hold period and it gets unverified on the 100th day, what can you really do… id verified or not. It’s just a weird situation.

Regardless, it ended up with having loads of unhappy Swapd users.

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  1. Give all unverified people safety concern

  2. Let them buy anything with pre payment only

  3. Stop them from making spammy topics where they are selling stuff that they can’t deliver

  4. If they want to sell they should verify their ID

  5. It they verify their ID they can do 1-3 tickets without fees

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This is a good one I think

And give us an autobump option.

Willing to pay for it