What's your IQ?

No, this isn’t an FB post which ranks which Kardashian has the same personality as you. This is a real IQ test.

Who is brave enough? https://test.mensa.no/

I quit 1/2 way due to lack of time, but I will get back on this and finish it properly. I didn’t solve 14 questions, and I had 15 min left and ended up with a poor 88 IQ. So technically, if I’ve finished it properly my IQ would be 176, yes? :smiley:

Doing it now.

Did you see the part when I said that “I had to quit 1/2 way?”
-10 IQ for you right off the bat.

FML Im so dumb. I hate these shitty patterns

The 14 last questions are way harder. u’d probably get stuck at 80 iq

Did the full test but I didn’t answer like 7 because I didn’t want to try my luck. Lmao I am smarter than you. PWN3D.

it doesnt mean anything ure still dumb. if u answered these 7 questions it’d be on 90 iq

Says the stupid person! Who’s next?

I just did the test again and got 130. Ha

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Hey @anon89711010 come and look how dumb Yair is. He only scored 102.

You’ve found your favorite member didn’t you


I’m surprised he has 3 digits tho


So is everyone scared

And dumb!

Are we the smartest users on SWAPD?

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Do you even have to ask?


Goddamn this is long, doing it rn

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@Swapd hug me plz