YT Channel 1.2 Million Subscribers + 500.000.000 Views



Country of followers (majority): Worldwide
Amount of fans/followers: 1.250.000
Topic/Niche: Sports
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

Amount of subscribers: 1,242,000
Country of subscribers (majority): United States/Worldwide
Topic/Niche: Sports


  • 125.000.000 VIEWS IN LAST 365 DAYS *

  • U$ 6.200 IN APRIL 2019 ADSENSE *

- Monetized

- No Strikes

*- Highest views on a single video - 24M *





$ 10,000


Link please


Why sell for 10k if you’re making 6k monthly with the channel? :thinking:


the price is $ 30,000, the channel is abandoned has already 2 months that do not post videos, I want money to invest in a music producer. :slight_smile:


I suggest you delete the most recent video, as it is considerably risky to publicly say you’re selling your channel on YouTube, as it violates their TOS. Also, it may kill off subscribers and activity, which isn’t the best thing to do when you’re looking to sell for 30k.

Just a suggestion.


deleted :slight_smile:


Interested, although seems too good to be true. Are you ID Verified?

unlisted #11


Currently under a ticket. Unlisted.

listed #13


Ticket failed, up for grabs again.


I have not yet removed the Golden Button from YouTube…or whoever buys the channel will have this prize.


@Alpha One attribute given to Thread by Staff is “MONETIZED”. But there’s some misunderstanding. It’s NOT monetized at the moment and is Under Review. Please check again. Thanks


The user stated the channel is monetized in the thread, unless it got demonetized in the past day.


To me it got demonetized more than 30-60 days now. Seller can share last 28 days Analytics Screenshot with us here and Status and Features Screenshot. Thanks



@iGABR23 Why did you state that the channel was monetized when it isn’t?


the channel can be monetized, just connect to adsense … so the YouTube team passed me, I left my network to sell the channel and with that the situation was like this, I believe it is not difficult to solve.