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:large_blue_circle: Until the end of Instagram copyright process updates, only copyright cases from @gmail, @hotmail, etc. will be accepted. :large_blue_circle:

You can have more information about copyright in the related document.

A copyright notice is a warning about the use of copyrighted material without the permission of the content owner. These notices are usually sent in relation to unauthorized use of music, videos, photos, text or other types of content. Copyright notices can have serious consequences and can bring about various harms.

First of all, a common consequence of a copyright notice is the restriction of access to the content sharer’s account. When the content sharer is in dispute with the copyright owner or when unauthorized use is detected, platforms will often remove the content or limit access to the account. This may result in the sharer’s account being temporarily or permanently suspended or closed altogether. (Your account may be deactivated.)

A backlog of copyright strikes can also lead to serious consequences. If a user repeatedly commits copyright infringement and receives repeated warnings, this can lead to more drastic measures being taken by platforms. These can include permanently closing the account, blocking the user’s access to content altogether, or initiating legal action.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to copyright notices and avoid using copyrighted content without permission. Obtaining permission from the copyright owner or following licensing processes before using your content not only ensures that the content is used in accordance with the law, but also helps you avoid the negative consequences of copyright strikes.

[We activate accounts disabled for copyright infringement.



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