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Service type: Advanced Hashtag Research

Are you struggling with Instagram engagement after the newest updates? You don’t hit explore as often anymore? I have the solution for you. After the new update, hashtags are the new explore page, and using the right or wrong hashtags will determine your success.

That is why I’ve developed a tool that extracts up to 1500 hashtags per one source hashtags, and sorts them by popularity, min and max likes, min and max comments, and post amount - and exports the results in a google docs file, that looks like this:

Note that this has hashtags based on 2 sources (dog & pup), and i’m only showing the top 10 hashtags; there are over 2900 hashtags in the complete list that you can rank for

The results of using the proper hashtags can be seen even after 2-3 posts, however you will get the desired results after using the hashtags for 1 week.

What I deliver: A google docs file of 1400+ hashtags per source, a filtered list of the best 20-30 hashtags you can use on your posts, based on your accounts engagement level.

Delivery Time is maximum 24 hours after you provide all the info for me to begin (average likes on last 12 posts, and amount of source hashtags you’d like me to research) however most of the times it’s a couple of hours - depending on the requests I get.
**the bot needs 2h to extract 1500 hashtags from one source

Accepted payments: Transferwise and Direct Wire Transfer

Package 1: $50 for 1 source hashtag
Package 2: $70 for 2 source hashtags
Package 3: $85 for 3 source hashtags
If you need more than 3 hashtags researched, PM me and we’ll work out a price.

I am also offering 3 FREE hashtag research services to the first 3 VIP or PREMIUM members of the forum from the 1st package - one hashtag as a source, for a review of my service (in the comments section of course) + a review copy for the administrators, if they require it.

The free review copies work on first come first served basis. You request your review copy in the comments. The reason I’m giving the review copies out only to VIPs and Premium members, is because they are the most active ones in the forum, the ones that have contributed the most, so they should get something extra :slight_smile:

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You should include one id verified member too in the Free hashtag research :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do it, send me a copy :smiley:

Just an FYI, we have a 20 USD minimum on all social properties. So, pricing something at 30 USD would mean that you would get around 5-6 USD :slight_smile:

For more info on our new fees:


Time to edit the prices than…
I missed the part that the fees apply to the services too, but now that I think about it, why wouldn’t they :slight_smile:

i’ll take a review copy please. I am premium member

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My posts have not been hitting explore feed for about 2 weeks now, would love to review this and see if it makes a difference.

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