Buyers/sellers - We're ready to correct your sales/purchase data

As stated in this topic, we’re launching a new section of our website which shows users earnings/spendings (if allowed by user). The data currently shown is from March 2020 until now, as in the past, we didn’t save the needed values. Some of our users have lots of transactions missing, and if needed, we can adjust the value per user request.

How to request a correction?

  1. First, calculate what you have spent or purchased prior to March 2020. We realize some users are missing the tickets due to our 2019 purge, so don’t worry. Estimations are OK as long as they’re somewhat accurate (some of our users keep track privately). We will compare your data with our data and adjust your earnings correctly.
  2. PM @SWAPD with the following title: Requesting correction.
  3. In the body of the message just write:

Purchased: AMOUNT

Remember, we just need transactions PRIOR to March 2020, as everything from that date is already update. Please know that it may take a while for us to verify things and to correct the data. SWAPD reserves the right to adjust the declared amounts.

Thank you.

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RIP my inbox.


Isn’t that the same thing? You probably mean Sold/Purchased?

Ban for making me look like a fool!

Corrected. Thank you!