Dropshipping Website! $210,000+ Month in SALES > $30,000+ Month in PROFIT

Domain name: Private. Will be sent to members who have their ID verified. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY
Website included?: Yes
Price: $50,000 USD


eCommerce Dropshipping business with INSANE growth and still growing. $200,000 in sales with $30,000 in profit in March selling only 1 product. Do you love profit? This is the business for you to scale to the moon. This equals to $360,000 PROFIT per year.

This store is a dropshipping store in the pet niche which has done over $200,000 in sales and $30,000 in profit in its FIRST MONTH off 1 product alone!! You will be able to continue the store as is and bank all the profits for yourself. There is uncapped potential with room to scale to $40,000-$50,000 per month in PROFIT. You simply just advertise (on facebook and/or instagram) and fulfil orders (this is automated since I have a supplier which I will pass down to yourself). You only need to spend approx 2 hours a day on this store, and it will make you 5 Figures per Month EASY. The facebook pixel is also well developed and seasoned, which I will also pass down to you.

The store is a well a well designed and simple website which focuses on conversions. It has a conversion rate of 3.5% (This is great for a dropshipping store). You can easily test new products and find more winning products. I have only tested 1 product on my store and have driven in over $200,000 in sales. More so, by introducing new ad creatives, you will take this store to a whole new level!!!

The store will also come with both the Facebook & Instagram Pages.

Shopify marked this store in the TOP 1% of stores that launched in the same week.

I will also include 30 days personal support to help in the continued growth of the store. You will be able to ask me any questions at any time and I will assist you!


@stallonzayya - If you’re going to ask users for ID verification, we suggest you do the same. Just message @VERIFICATION to begin. Good luck with sales.


Done :slight_smile:

Please send me the link to the store. Thank´s

Check your PM’s

Hi, please send me link to the shop

Check your PM’s :slight_smile:

please send me the url of the store, thank you

also will you include support to help continued growth with the store?

Are there middlemen here?

Step 1 – You first browse around our website and try to find a willing buyer/seller.
Step 2 – Once you find a willing person, you start a checkout ticket. Both parties join a checkout ticket and confirm the details of the transaction such as:

  • Account in question
  • Price
  • Method of payment

Step 3 – SWAPD team confirms everything including fees (we charge a small fee + money transfer fees) and set terms that all parties must agree to. Our company also audits (upon request) the properties sold/purchased within our network, to check for fake likes/followers/activity/etc.
Step 4 – Upon reaching a deal, both parties agree to directly forfeit the payment and the property to SWAPD.
Step 5 – We confirm the payment and secure the property.
Step 6 – Upon inspection and confirmation from all parties that everything is OK, we release the property and payment (minus our fee) to the rightful owners.

This is what an escrow (middleman) service looks like. Our team is here to make sure you don’t get cheated, and that the properties sold within our network are clean and free of any wrongdoings.

url plz

Is this one month old website?

Wow I didn’t expect such high volumes of demand. I will be going through all the messages now. Thank you all

@bobemedia I have just sent you a PM

@ProMonkey I have just pm’d you :slight_smile:

@Nova Yes a little over 1 month. It is currently on an Uptrend and still growing and making close to $10,000 in sales everyday

@bobemedia Yes I will also include 30 day support to help in the continued growth with the store :slight_smile:

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URL please

@igpioneer You are not ID verified

Send Me your store link :heart: