How much are Instagram accounts worth?

To spruce up our Public Blog section, we will begin a series of helpful articles to help you understand the value ranges of Instagram accounts. So, if you are wondering how much your Instagram account is worth, take a few moments to read this article. But first, let’s jump into the few basic categories people look at while evaluating Instagram accounts:

Demographics. Who’s to say US/UK/CA/AU followers are worth the most? Yes, we agree, those countries are associated with the highest price tags, as the ad revenue from those countries is the highest in the world. But, the world doesn’t stop at those four countries. There are plenty of people from other, less-popular countries who are willing to pay premium prices for audiences from their area. So, while demographics do play a significant role, you can’t exactly use this as a golden rule for all accounts.

Activity. Activity is a very subjective thing, so opinions will always vary. To some administrators, 3000 likes per post is fantastic. While to others, it’s not worth the trouble. With that in mind, it’s common sense that higher engagement numbers mean better price tags.

Topic. How do you measure value based on topic? The only thing you can do is look at what’s in abundance. For example, humor-related accounts are the most popular. There are so many humor/meme-related Instagrams that due to their abundance, their value naturally drops. Another factor can be the topic monetization ability (can you monetize meme pages in any meaningful way?) and the size of the accounts. On the other hand, less popular niches which require expertise (technology, art, politics) can often drastically increase the interest of prospective purchasers, thus increasing their value.

Size. Bigger accounts = better payday? Not always. We have personally seen 50K accounts sell for 5000 USD, while 1M accounts for 2000 USD. The “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean” saying applies here. A small, super dedicated group of incredibly active followers will trump any ungodly mega-account that has mediocre activity.

Handle. Just like domains, the @handle plays a significant role in the value. Short, one-word Instagram accounts in desirable categories can sell for as much as a mid-size luxury sedan, even if they don’t feature any active followers. We’re talking 20-50K USD per account. As of 2019, we’re seeing an influx of such transactions. Companies are shelling out huge amounts of money for these easy to remember Instagram handles.

As you see, most of the primary metrics people look for are very, very subjective. This is why it’s so difficult to estimate the value of Instagram accounts. With this in mind, it is why most gimmicky online estimators will never show you the actual value of an account. However, like in any marketplace, the ultimate factor that will significantly influence the final price tag will be buyer demand. You could have the most fabulous Instagram account in the world, but if no one needs your particular audience/niche, you will simply not sell it at a premium.

So, how much are Instagram accounts worth?

We have personally seen an Instagram account sell for a six-digit offer. However, the buyer himself admitted he was overpaying, but money wasn’t a problem, and he needed that particular niche. But don’t get all riled up; this was on par with winning a lottery and happened only once in our eight years of being in this business. The ultimate downfall to the value of Instagram accounts is that no one truly owns them. Unlike domains/websites, Instagram may delete/suspend your account for any given reason, without any given notice. This risk is what brings the value down considerably, and for that reason, most accounts sell between 500-1500 USD.

Just so our readers can get a general ballpark value, here are the latest sale prices of Instagram accounts sold on SWAPD. To protect buyer/seller privacy, we will not reveal names/URLs.

Size: 56,000
Niche: Nature Photos
Demographics: US/Brazil
Activity: 3/10
Sale price: 380 USD

Size: 167,000
Niche: Comics
Demographics: Mostly the US
Activity: 8/10
Sale price: 1100 USD

Size: 30,000
Niche: Fashion
Demographics: US/Mix
Activity: 2/10
Sale price: 410

Size: 92,000
Niche: Luxury/Lifestyle
Demographics: US/INDIA/Brazil
Activity: 4/10
Sale price: 500 USD

Size: 20,000
Niche: Fitness
Demographics: India/UK
Activity: 3/10
Sale price: 225 USD

Size: 68,000
Niche: Animals
Demographics: US/Mix
Activity: 5/10
Sale price: 550 USD

Size: 850,000
Niche: Humor
Demographics: US/UK
Activity: 5/10
Sale price: 4600 USD

Size: 122,000
Niche: Meme
Demographics: US/UK
Activity: 6/10
Sale price: 790 USD

This data is taken from random transactions taken from and, and it’s not in any particular order.


We know, we didn’t answer the original question, which is how much Instagram accounts are worth. But as you see, there are too many variables to consider, so we cannot present you with concrete numbers. Even if you take all the data we’ve provided to create a formula that estimates Instagram accounts, you must remember that these prices aren’t set in stone. Just like the stock market, the prices of these accounts rise and fall. And ever since we wrote this article, prices have dipped 35% (in general) only to shoot up again (20%+)—all in a span of a year. The best tactic to evaluate your accounts is to talk to someone experienced and do your research. We also invite you to join our conversation and ask us anything related to this topic, we may be able to help.

So, how much do you think your Instagram is worth? To have some fun, let’s grab any random @handle, and we all post what we would pay for it. This should be an excellent representation of how broad the price tags are, and just how difficult it is to estimate an Instagram account.

SWAPD, how much would you pay for this account?

The account in the example is just an example. SWAPD does not own, endorse, or claim that the account used in the example is for sale. We’re not associated with the account owner, and we are sure that the account isn’t for sale. We’re merely using it as an example to ask our members a question.


Just for fun, I did the math. I took these eight random sales figures and added it up to show the value of an Instagram follower. I know this isn’t a good method of showing the true value, but since most accounts had the same type of audience the final number will have some merit to it.

Total fans: 1,405,000
Total sale prices: 8,555 USD
Current price per one follower: 0,006 of a cent!

This would mean that an average 50,000 Instagram account is worth exactly 300 USD, which does fit into our average 50K account data. This is getting me excited, I should go over the sales figures for the entire year, this way we could calculate the true value of a single Instagram account follower.


I also forgot to add a very important metric people look for while estimating the value of an Instagram account. The thing I’ve missed are personal accounts. Personal Instagram accounts will automatically be worth 3-4 times less than other accounts with the same size/activity. Why? Because when people follow someone, they follow the account for that person. Without that person, there is no more content people will enjoy, and without that content, activity will drop and people will leave. Personal accounts are the most difficult to rebrand, so I personally try to stay clear of them. No matter how big/active they’re.

I don’t think you can calculate the value on a Instagram simply based on the amount of followers. It’s important to not only look for activity (likes and comments) because they can easily faked. Best thing is to check how much they are following/unfollowing and how many followers the account itself gains every day.


The problem is that due to the recent API restrictions, most available tools stopped reporting this.

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Damn didnt even realize that ;o


I think the monetization aspect of Instagram also makes things really tough. Unlike Facebook, there’s what, 2 ways of making money off Instagram? Tough to invest real money in something where the return won’t be as strong.


Reviving this old topic, please forgive. Doing some SEO work and found this gem. I tell you what, prices sure have dropped since I wrote this back in April. While I didn’t crunch the numbers yet, I’d say that according to the last tickets from the past 60 days, the value of Instagram accounts dropped 30-35% (compared to beginning of the year).

@swapd can you show of your latest examples of sales like previous please?

I will try to do it tomorrow. If not, I will do it mid next week, deal?


@Batman - We’ve actually come up with an idea to track the value of all platforms via the history of our transactions. Currently, we’re looking for a CMS that displays pretty statistics. This would benefit everyone, everywhere (or should I say people who dabble in this field). However, it may take us some time to set everything up.


Bumping this topic to revive the conversation, as it’s one of our most viewed topic on Google. Not a single person answered my question in the OP, which was: “What is the value of this account, in your opinion?”

I will take a crack at it via pros/cons.


It’s active
It’s established
Exists since 2015
Looks like organic growth (see chart below)
It’s constantly growing


Meme account
Difficult to monetize

If this was anything but memes, I’d increase my estimation. But taking the current state of this property, along with the niche, I’d value this account anywhere between 3000-4000 USD.

What do you think? Am I wrong? If so, tell me why.

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I think you’re way off.

as you said, it’s active ( Not talking about the consistency of the images they post, because the owner didn’t post anything in the last 4-5 months )
It’s established, it grows organically, and let’s not forget, it has 1m followers, which is hard to get.

if most of the followers aren’t premium, I would say I think it’s worth low $xx,xxx
if most of the followers are premium, I would say I think it’s worth mid $xx,xxx

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id say a big factor that hasnt been considered here is the geo?

@Yair1238 - Our disagreement is living proof of how difficult it is to estimate these things. I personally would never pay mid five-digits for a meme account, because I can throw a rock and hit 5 other accounts who will sell for much less.

@ChrisD - For the sake of our conversation, let’s say it’s 50% US/CA/AU/UK.

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Memes accounts is exactly what im after, i would pay 10k to 15kmax if half the folowers are premium.


Why do I have a feeling that account will all of a sudden have a bunch of 4-5K offers in his/her inbox? At the same time @Hazar will get 10-15K offers for it :smiley: :smiley: I wonder how long it takes for that account to show up on SWAPD.



This will be amazing!

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Not only it’s not ready, due to lack of time, the project never even begun :confused:

This is a great blog for new SWAPD members, like myself. Great work SWAPD team

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