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Since 2017, we’ve claimed more than +1000 usernames!

Our team can source and secure your desired username on Instagram whether its the name of a brand/company or person.

Send us the username you want to claim via PM, we will review it within a few hours and make a positive or negative feedback to you. Usually, we can get most usernames that are ACTIVE or INACTIVE! Certain usernames may not be available for transfer if they are too generic (example: “pizza”, “David”, “jumps” or too short (example: “joy”, “mrab”, “JT”).

To use our service, you must choose one of the following methods.

  1. If you have a placeholder account, please send us a PM to see if it meets the requirements. We can change the username of your existing account without account access.
  2. If you don’t have a placeholder account, we will create a new account for you and use it as a placeholder account. The team will reassign the desired handle to that account. We will then share the account credentials with you, including the original email.

Time length varies, it usually takes under 24 hours but it may take up to 1-3 business days. (We will keep you updated throughout the process.)


  • 100% success rate
  • Fastest turnaround time (TAT)
  • No prepayment is needed in most cases
  • Great customer experience
  • Reliable and best seller ($200k sales on site)
  • Buyer protection - (Our claims are completely legal and safe and there is no risk of being banned in bulk or blacklisted. We don’t use the same support portal for all our requests like other providers. We use a fresh portal for each claim.)

We can also change username of verified accounts without losing the verified badge. We do not require account access for this.

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It’s possibly. I knew few rogue plugs in the past and they were able to take active Instagram @ with no issues


Ive sent you a pm

are 2-3 letter Instagram profiles impossible? a Swapd user was able to claim them a few weeks ago?

Legitimately, yes. Hacked, no.

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Please check two usernames:

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I have already dealt with him he is a very honest person
I wish you success

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PMed you with a question!


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It worked. They are legit and got me an account within 3 days!

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Are you able to recover active accounts with the OGE?

Marking premium, this user delivers and usually delivers fast!

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Thank you @SWAPD :space_invader:

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Yes this guy is a magician. Got a name nobody else could get :rabbit::tophat:

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Hello I want one username.

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Hello I talked to my friend we can do bitcoin transfer in 10hours no problem

Also is it possible I open new instagram account and give you the link you add both accounts to my own account link?

I am interested. Please PM

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Marking spotlight because this seller is amazing. Most claims take 2-3 days, and he is able to get the most unobtainable handles. Just amazing. Thank you and good luck with further sales.

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