☆ Instagram/Facebook username claims & unbans

Hello dear SWAPD members!
I am glad to offer my services on this market after I’ve been doing them a lot off site. Please read carefully the thread before contacting my private messages to save both of our time.

Instagram & Facebook username claims - how does it work?

You contact me after carefully reading my thread, if your request meets my recruitments you tell me what @ you want me to claim.
Minimum price is $1k and it will vary depending on the username you want me to get.
My recruitments for a successful submissions are simple:

  • The username you want to claim must be inactive for at least 1-2 years.
  • Account must be public and not a private account.
  • As Instagram policy state, the username you want to claim can not be “too” generic, for example police, baller, media, pizza etc.
  • Can only claim 6 plus letters usernames as of now.

Accounts unban & reactivation at Minimal Price:
Can unban any account beside perm banned accounts and copyright bans.
I’m trying to keep the price low considering it’s not always profitable for you to unban your page. Price starts at 250$ and will vary depending on the account/case.

Please do not ask me about other services as verifications as I am not providing these right now. There are enough trusted sellers on this forum providing these.

☆ If you have any questions, concerns or anything I can help with - please PM me!


Get your usernames!
Will be offering discounts to the first 2 clients on site :slight_smile:

Hello I’m interested can you pm me so we can discuss if my claim is something you do?

Needed service. PM me so we can discuss page. Thanks

Dm discount info if still available?

message me what you need and I’ll give you the discount price according to your need.

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Still no reply, dmed 2 days ago

I’d really want to work with him

please pm me again buddy, I had tons of dms and I’m not used to the dm system here yet, probably missed.

Still waiting on a response too

Sent you a PM

can u claim a 3 number? @/615

active ?

yes, active

pm back, ready to start

Check pm