Meta Verification Waitlist Bypass | TaT Under 5 minutes! | Cheapest there is!

:catincat: Dear SWAPD Users! :catincat:

Today I wanted to introduce you to my new service which is a Meta Verified Waitlist Bypass that is done in under 5 minutes! :catfear:

:lock: What are the requirements?

You have to be eligible for a branded content and the Display Name(NOT USERNAME!) cannot be changed in the last 14 days. It doesn’t matter whether you are already on the waitlist or not.

:gem: How much does it cost?

Service starts at $100+SWAPD fees

:hourglass: How long do I have to wait?

Of course the bypass is done in under 5 minutes. Although it takes that much It depends on my availability. But the full service itself shouldn’t take more than half a day to be completed fully.

:capybara: And that is it! Let me bypass some waitlists for you happy people! :capybara:

:capybara: DISLCAIMER! :capybara:

The account has to have the following in order to be eligible for a bypass!


Please don’t hesitate to DM me with questions! :kittyblush:

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Is account access needed? If so, you need to insure the service.

Yes it is, I thought I would have to insure the account when ticket gets opened.

No, you need to insure the listing itself. More information can be found here.

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Thank you! I will do so.

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We’ve unlisted your topic!

We’ve unlisted your topic as your service is not insured. Any service requiring access to clients’ accounts or inboxes needs to make a fully refundable insurance deposit to SWAPD before they can provide their services.

For more information, please read here:

Feel free to PM me or any other staff member if you have any questions.

Now insured. Bump!

Is this for Meta business verified?

I would have to check, please give me 2 hrs or so.
EDIT: Just for future clients, yes you can verify a business instagram page!

Vouch for @radek! Thanks for the quick service.

For everyone else struggling to get branded content eligibility on their account. I have a new bypass that doesn’t require your account to be eligible for it! If you have an account but decided to pass previously because of it now it’s a good time!

Will this work for Facebook ?