Monthly Contest Rewards! What do all of you want to see?

As most of you have already seen, starting this year we have introduced contests for top buyers and sellers of the month, with our most recent one for February being Gamer’s Edition! Our first contest for January included winnings such as iPad Airs, AirPod Pros, and regular AirPods!

However, we want to see what you all want to see as rewards! For now the budget for this is around $2,000, give or take a few hundred. From now on we want to give more users a chance to win so we are going to attempt extending the prizes from 3 winners to 5.

Products should range in any price amount up to $600 per item and we want to know what you guys want a chance to win so comment down below what you want to see!


-Subscriptions to services such as Vidiq
-SWAPD credit
-Everyone loves badge and it’s free for you guys to give out


Yes a badge would be neat


@Alpha I have an idea.A swapd Risk tournament is basically a strategy game everyone who wants to enter has to put in 20$ the winner takes all. They way it could be run is a bracket could be set up since people can 1 on 1.

I still think this would be a cool idea. As you could see, in the last contest a lot of people had probably lose faith after some time and didn’t saw a serious chance winning. With raffles they would still make a chance & the more they spend/sell, the higher the chance of winning something.

Would also make it possible for anonymous sellers/buyers to compete :stuck_out_tongue:


A contest where the winner gets to choose two mods to have a boxing match


Prizes are fine but make a raffle with tickets

You can add ticket numbers in the raffle so more tickets closed = more chances

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Not contest related, but perhaps make a section called

‘Services under $500’

That way it gives new sellers a way to build credibility quicker, and relieves more ‘budget restricted buyers’ of having to navigate several threads to find affordable services.

Just some thoughts to consider to streamline things. :v:t3:

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So no one wants to win free expensive stuff? @Swapd gimmie it all!


SWAPD reward who will reach $100,000 In sales / purchases Is really good but i’d say

Member who will reach $10,000 in sales / purchases should get a reward
Member who will reach $50,000 in sales / purchases should get a reward
member who will reach $100,000 in sales / purchases should get a reward
member who will reach $1,000,000 in sales / purchases should get a reward

( Just like YouTube does )

It would be good for the sellers / buyers . More motivation etc!

SWAPD is the best market which i have never seen before and yes SWAPD is really N1 marketplace that why i’m writing.

I’d say that seller who reaches minimum numbers in selling instagram accounts he / she should get reward like this ( Min number of sales ( $5,000. It’s depend on SWAPD ))

It should be edited by SWAPD like : Thanks for using our service. Congratulations you have reached $5,000 in sales

This is not for only instagram sellers. This should be for all services
I hope this idea is good :smiley:


Agreed @Vlbrantofficial
This would really engage the users. Awards for both buyers and sellers on reaching a particular milestone.

Bump to see if anyone has any actual item reward ideas to offer!

I guess beautiful box with merch, small SwapD badge, case of phone with swapd inscription, lighter with inscription SwapD and etc. For me, I want to get thing like this because after few years when I will see merch or lighter with Swapd inscription I will remember this gold time when I started using best marketplace in the world. :raised_hands::heart:

What do you think guys?

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