SWAPD Gamers Edition Contest! - We're giving away handheld consoles and gaming accessories to the top 5 buyers/sellers for the month of February


To continue the awesome fun we had with the previous contest, we plan to continue giving out rewards to our awesome members. This time it’s the moment for gamers to rise, as the prizes in this contest will include exclusive handheld gaming devices and gaming gear.

What is the SWAPD Gamers Edition Contest. How does it work?

The person who lands in the top five spots in our buyer (or seller) category will receive a reward! The contest winners will be based on their earnings that can be tracked via our /report page .

How can you win?

You have to be one of the top sellers or buyers (or both) for the month of Feb 2021. To participate, members will need to make their earnings public, more details in the rules below.

What can you win?

Awesome prizes, that’s what! This month we’re going with handheld gaming devices and gaming gear, Here is what’s in store for our members:

The number one buyer and seller will win the latest-gen Nintendo Switch!

First-place winners will receive an original Nintendo Switch - A 300 USD value! (Video) Watch movies, browse the web, and play video games. All in one!

Second place winners will receive the latest-gen Nintendo Switch lite!

The second place will also receive a Nintendo Switch, but the light, more portable version. A 200 USD value! (Video) Watch movies, browse the web, and play video games. All in one!

Third place winners will receive an XTRYFY K4 TKL RGB gaming keyboard (recommended by SWAPD staff!)

Increase your gaming skills with this awesome mechanical keyboard! A 99 EUR value. (Video)

Fourth place winners will receive an gaming mouse.

Fast response time, ergonomic shape, and awesome RGB accents. Used by pros! A 59 EUR value. For more info, see: https://xtrfy.com/mice/m4/

Fifth place winner will receive a Retro Gaming Console with 800 preloaded games!

Yes, it’s a Chinese knock-off. However, we’ve personally used it and it has some great old-time games on it. The entire console fits onto a USB stick like an HDMI device. It also comes with two wifi remotes. You just plug it into your TV and play. A 39 USD value!

Contest rules - Please read carefully.

  1. In order to participate, members must set their sales/purchases public by 21.02.2021. Users who do not comply may be disqualified from the contest. Users may go back to private again when the contest ends. To learn how to set your info to the public, please visit: How to reveal your sales/purchases to the public?
  2. The contest winner will be announced on March 1st, 2021, at 3 PM CET.
  3. Everything sold/bought via the “other” category (when starting new tickets) does not get counted to the overall totals. Please make sure to pick Item/Service.
  4. SWAPD moderators are able to participate, however, admins may not.
  5. Buyers/sellers cannot rush their clients in open tickets to close out deals faster.
  6. Only successfully completed tickets that are closed by staff will be counted.
  7. The winners will be chosen by the results shown in the “30-day” column in our /report page.


  1. The winning items will be shipped throughout the month of March. Timing, winner location, and product availability may delay the process.
  2. SWAPD staff may adjust the values (if needed) to correct any system mistakes, bugs, or omissions.
  3. In case of any unforeseen events, SWAPD staff reserves the right to make appropriate changes as needed.

This concludes our list of rewards. We realize they’re not as good as last month, but they can’t all be winners. We will do our best to keep these rewards coming. Thank you for using SWAPD and good luck! May the best buyer/seller win!



I doubt she has time to game

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Ya, that’s why there is a Nintendo Switch for the second place too. Need to work around her somehow 0_0

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She may have siblings or children :smiley:

Or maybe this prize was presented to discourage her from winning?

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First prize: Old worn out shoes found in a dumpster.
Second prize: Laptop.

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I’m marrying her soon, so up the prizes please

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can you send prizes to last place

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I can send you something for free, just pay shipping

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At the end of the year, she’ll open her own electronics shop.


If anyone is into charity don’t hesitate to forward your prize to me. :nauseated_face:


No, January is always the worst month :frowning:

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My birthday was on 31st Jan and I won the meme contest on same day.

So not the bad month atleast for me :slight_smile:

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Swapd is really not a female friendly platform :joy::joy:.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks learning how to play video games. Bye.


Yes @Swapd is a fascist


Next giveaway ur going to give your house. Slow down bro :sweat_smile:

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Bump for visibility!

The first week is behind us, here are the current stats:

In contrast to having a record-breaking Jan, February is the slowest month we’ve seen so far. It seems @Jkr123 is still doing pretty bad, just look at her last 7-day report. Wow. Also, nothing changed on the buyer’s end, still the most private group ever.