Sellers guide to auctions

Auctions are assigned to sellers’ accounts, and this will give them the ability to delete the latest bids. This feature was implemented so sellers could remove suspicious offers. Sellers are encouraged not to abuse this feature and only delete bids they believe are malicious. Sellers can also ask @Administrators for help during a live auction.

Important tips!

  • Sellers have to have an ID Verified SWAPD membership. If you’re not verified yet, click here.
  • Sellers are able to remove the last posted bid from their auctions.
  • Sellers are encouraged to learn about our auction features such as max bid and reserve price.
  • Before starting an auction, please review our fees.
  • Auction notifications can get overwhelming, learn how to mute them.
  • Get acquainted with our SWAPD auction rules.

For more information, see our knowledge base.