SWAPD Rewards - Frequently asked questions

Who Can Join the SWAPD Rewards Program?

To participate in the SWAPD Rewards program, you need to be at least 18 years old and hold a SWAPD membership that’s fully ID verified.

When Do I Earn a Commission?

You’ll receive a commission when:

  1. The transaction is successfully completed and closed by our staff.
  2. Both the buyer and seller involved in the transaction are ID verified.
  3. The transaction value is at least $250.

Will I Earn Commissions from Referrals Made by My Invitees?

No, the program doesn’t support multi-level commissions. Your earnings are solely from the transactions of members you directly invite.

Are Commissions Available in All Categories?

Commissions are paid only on social media-related items/services. Categories like websites, domains, and odd trades are excluded. However, most of our transactions (about 90%) are in social media, so you’re still covering the majority of potential earnings.

Why Don’t I See My Invitee’s Completed Transaction in My Activity Feed?

The earnings feed updates are not immediate. Transactions appear in your feed only after they have been manually reviewed and credited to your account.