SWAPD Rewards - Frequently asked questions

Can anyone join the SWAPD Rewards program?

You have to be at least 17 years old and have a valid SWAPD membership that is fully verified (ID verified).

When do I get a commission from a sale/purchase?

There are certain conditions that have to be met before a commission is awarded to your account.

  1. The transaction has to be fully closed and marked successful by staff.
  2. The buyer/seller has to be ID verified.
  3. The transaction has to be 250 USD or higher.

Will I earn more money if the person whom I’ve invited referred more people?

No. Currently, we don’t allow multi-level commissions. You only get paid on commissions from the members you personally brought in.

Does SWAPD pay out commissions in every category?

No. We pay out commissions on items/services related to social media. Things like websites, domains, odd transfers, and trades aren’t included. Social media transactions constitute 90% of our transactions, so you’re not missing out by not having the other categories included.

I have a checkout ticket opened with someone I’ve invited, can I just get a discount on the fee?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. It will save everyone time and money transfer fees. If you’ve opted to take the discount, regular users will be charged 8% per transaction, and VIP members will have a new adjusted rate.

VIP rates:

  • Transactions up to 10K - 7%
  • Transactions 10-20K - 6%
  • Transactions 20-30K - 5%
  • Transactions 30-50K - 4%
  • Transactions 50K and up - 3%

My friend whom I’ve invited started and completed a checkout ticket, why can’t I see the transaction in my activity feed?

Your earnings feed isn’t live, and transactions will not show up until they’re manually reviewed and credited to your account.

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