SWAPD Rewards - What is it and how can it make you money?

Members can access their rewards panel here.

Earn 2% from every member you invite, for life.

First, let’s go over what is SWAPD and what do we do. SWAPD (derived from the word SWAPPED) is a simple community forum that facilitates buyers and sellers in a safe and moderated marketplace. Our main objective is to create a place to buy/sell/swap items of virtual nature that hold real monetary value. People from around the world visit SWAPD daily to buy, sell, and trade virtual items. Transactions average anywhere from 500 USD to XX,XXX digits.

SWAPD Rewards allows members to tap into a new income source.

Even if you don’t have anything of value to sell, or you’re not interested in buying, you can still make money by joining our website. Our new referral program, which we call SWAPD Rewards, allows members to earn 2% commissions from all items bought and sold on our website from the members you’ve invited. With only 50 USD payout minimums only two day holds, you can have a nice and steady income stream.

How much can you earn?

Let’s start with some examples. Just last week, one of our checkout tickets sold for 13,500 USD. If you were the person who invited that seller (or buyer), you would earn 270 USD from that single sale. Let’s do one better, as some of our tickets go even higher! 20-50k tickets are not as frequent, but they do happen. A 2% commission for a 40,000 USD ticket is 800 USD. Even small transactions will keep the money trickling in, as 500-1000 USD transactions (most common on SWAPD) would yield a 10-20 USD commission each and every time. This money would trickle in on autopilot if the people you invite become regulars. Statistically, around 20-30% of new users stick around in this business and keep buying/selling for months/years to come.

This opportunity is easy to go after!

Just invite people to our platform via your invite links, that’s all it takes. Have a buyer interested in your property? Invite him on SWAPD. Have a seller you want to buy from? Invite him to SWAPD. Do you use other sites in the same niche where good sellers are abundant? Invite them to SWAPD. Own a popular website? Post an article about us and earn from every person you refer. You even get commissions on purchase/sales from your own tickets if the other party is a user invited by your account! This is like having an instant, 2% discount on your [sellers’ fees](http://sellers’ fees). Imagine inviting ten active sellers (which isn’t even a huge amount of invited members) that do 4000-5000 USD in sales volume a month (this can literally mean 2-3 sales per month, per seller). That would mean that you’re earning 800-1000 USD per month, on autopilot.


If you’re not a member yet, sign up now and start inviting people. If you’re a member already, simply navigate to the SWAPD Rewards panel.

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