USA Today Monetized Athlete's Verified FB Page *Unique Opportunity* Monthly Net Profit $1K-$1,200

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of fans/followers: 345,000
Topic/Niche: Sports, Mixed Martial Arts
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Top UFC Fighter blue checkmark verified Facebook page, currently generating revenue from USA Today.

Price is based on a 1 1/2- 2 year turn around posting their articles, which you are paid $10 CPM for, in any country. We only posted 2-3 articles a day but you’re free to post as many as you’d like. Current net profit is anywhere from $1K to $1,200 monthly with zero outgoing expenses. Simple copy and paste. This also doesn’t include anything additional you do with the page.

Ad break eligible and IA and Audience Network haven’t been touched yet.

Questions? Ask away. I also own a grey verified MMA page with 3/4M fans, that I would be willing to share 1 article of yours a day for 1 year. You will receive 100% of profit from both pages.

Again, one hell of an opportunity. Could potentially be a 1 year flip. Depends on you…

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Is this page hacked?
as I’m pretty sure you’re not Carlos Condit.


Page is not hacked. Everything was just verified through Swapd staff.


give me link and your expected price i am interested in this item


@SWAPD can you confirm that the verification done though you guys ?

Yes, I did it and everything checked out. If this ever hits a checkout ticket we will further vet it then, just to be positive.

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Yes, I did it and everything checked out. If this ever hits a checkout ticket we will further vet it then, just to be positive.

@Alpha Am I allowed to post the CPM that offers me to post, which will get passed on to the new owner?

I don’t see a problem with this.

Thank you Chris.

I didn’t explain this in the original post, but you will receive access to post any article from for $10 CPM. You will receive an end of the month report, every month.

And this isn’t including anything else you may have lined up.

Ad breaks are eligible, IA and Audience Network have yet to be messed with.


Price Updated

Buyer backed out. Still up for grabs.

Also have 2 other fight pages totaling just under 1M fans. One with 740,000 fans is verified, both have ad breaks enabled and IA and Audience Network haven’t been touched.

Not interesed on buying the page,but interesed on paid posts.

If ur up reply.

@Administrators Hey guys,

I’d like to sell shares on my Facebook and Twitter pages, UFC fighter Carlos Condit’s FB and Twitter included. Approximately 2M fans total…what exactly do I need to do to advertise on Swapd?

Thanks in advance.

Shares are considered influence deals, and to sell those you need to be either a Premium or a VIP member.

Here are details for Premium Membership: Premium Memberships
Here are details for VIP Membership: VIP Status - What is it and how to get it?