We're thinking about easing ID verifications, but we will only do it after discussing it with you!

Fully agree - buyers (Yes) - sellers (NO)

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Fully agree - buyers (Yes) - sellers (NO)


Good decision. That was the only obstacle preventing me from telling my off-site customers to sign up on Swapd when they asked for escrow


Fully agree - buyers (Yes) - sellers (NO)

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In my case, sometimes my partners sell the properties until the user (buyer) gets identity verified. So I’ve to leave the buyer empty handed. Very good decision!

if swapd allows it or not I am not dealing with anyone without id verification it is that simple :wink:

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Up to you for sure, just curious why? If it’s through SWAPD as escrow, and safe payment so no charge backs or unexpected issues (besides buying accounts obviously). What is the reasoning?

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Agreed sir

should let unverified people buy w crypto tbh

Everyone has the option NOT to work with unverified members, so this shouldn’t be a problem. For all I know, most of you force buyers to ID verify before you even begin talks :smiley: Which is appreciated.


Fully agree - buyers (Yes) - sellers (NO)


I think it’s fine if you clearly mark unverified users so it’s like a warning to do business at your own risk.

What I love about swapd is that they ask from community what we want instead of just imposing updates on the site.

In my opinion, I think buyers should be allowed without ID verification cause in the end we all want more buyers on the platform to buy the services.

As for the sellers, I can imagine tons of ways for this forum to be exploited.

It would invite spammers and scammers to the forum and we’ll end up losing the quality members/services/listings on swapd + it will affects swapd’s image in a bad way.

To be able to sell, a person should be ID verified or atleast on level 2 or premium member. Otherwise what’s stopping scammers from posting sh** services which they can’t fulfilled.

Ps: i would’ve been in a millionaire club if swapd didn’t asked for the ID, cause when i joined swapd, I didn’t started doing business here till a year or two until i realized it’s a safe platform.



I personally know several people who will not do business on here because of the ID thing. I personally know at least a few people who won’t even sign up for here either because they have to give their social media account (which they don’t want to do or don’t even have) or give their phone number (which they don’t want to do). I was actually referred here by someone who wouldn’t sign up.

Yes, these things are reasonable or unreasonable depending on who you ask and for what reason, etc. but ID requirements for BUYERS is ridiculous, if this is indeed required for buyers. Think about how stupid it would be if Amazon came out tomorrow and mandated that all buyers must verify their IDs. Or even sellers. And what exactly would that solve anyway?

Sellers or new sellers, maybe, sure. But why does someone need to submit their ID for any reason?

Any scammer worth their salt and with enough motive is also capable of frauding an electronic ID easily. IDs don’t stop anything anyway. If someone elects to buy something, let them send their payment and be done with it. What does mandating an ID in that circumstance do exactly, other than make people not want to buy? You can still ban them either way for doing whatever it is you think they’re going to do when buying something (I have no idea what that would be though).

“In the long run, it should help the community grow. And perhaps, more long-time users would join, and finally ID verify, once they see that we’re a legitimate operation.” - It’s not exactly that you aren’t a legitimate operation (though that is a case in a lot of minds), it’s that you’re requiring a permanently unchangeable piece of information that, if/when stolen or misused, allows the illegitimate possessor of that ID to impersonate the ID victim wherever and in whatever way they want for all eternity with zero recourse for the owner.

“We get the name, address, and account number info.” - Why do you need this, exactly, from a buyer? I don’t understand and am genuinely curious.

“1. We suspect a larger number of problematic tickets. 2. Undesarible users joining.” Both of these things are going to happen with or without ID verification. ID verification does nothing to stop either of these things and the solution to both of them is to ban or ignore them. You just ban offenders or allow sellers/buyers to not do business with them or whatever.

Anyway, not being condescending or snippy. And perhaps I may be speaking in ignorance, but this is indeed a major annoyance.

It’s really not that stupid if we allow credit card payments. Also, there have been online groups hacking Wise accounts and using them to go shopping. ID verification for buyers curbs that a little.

But regardless, we’re removing ID verification for buyers.

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Anyone selling a product or service should be ID verified. I wouldn’t touch an unverified seller.

Multiple instances of scams resulting in resolutions only because SWAPD knows the identity of the account owners. Personally, when I receive a message from an account thats not ID verified, the first thought in my mind is “scam, waste of time.”

If you plan to allow credit card payments, to combat fraud, buyer needs to be ID verified.

If a buyer wants to come to site, buy something on here via escrow, pay in crypto, and go on there way, probably not an issue.

It’s done:

SWAPD buyers can now buy without ID verification. Closing discussion.