What happens if we get scammed?


If we get scammed do we get our money back?


I do believe it depends on how you get scammed.
If you go through this website’s checkout process, which is essentially the only reason as to why you would use it, you have no chance of getting scammed as the staff will have full access to the account you are purchasing and will be able to confirm that, etc.
However, if the account you purchase gets deleted, recovered, or any thing of the sort, you will not be refunded. This is noted in the 11th point in the TOS, as seen here: https://gyazo.com/1c5fba8af2825973625ed709628142e5

@Swapd Please correct me if I’m wrong! ^^


Awesome, thank you very much! This was very helpful.

@swapd Please let us know if he is missing something, would be very helpful


But is this website safer then PayPal and ebay? I mean how does buyer protection and money back work on PayPal and ebay in regards to this? Maybe it would idk… Because its very dodgy when a seller like stranger on Insta doesnt except PayPal and only other methods that possibly has no protection for buyer at all… And when a seller accepts PayPal makes me trust them a little…

It seems there isnt a site or place or person that is fully safe to buy and even protects you if the account is deleted or dissapears is there… And alot of people working in this field are so aggressive and desperate and rude and I am surprised how difficult it has been to buy an account… And I’m not even doing it for business and profit reasons but for personal use


I agree 100%


Aw thanks … Rare positivity lol id buy from you if you were selling haha…


95% of the accounts I have been interested in are terrible. Over 100k followers gained in couple of months with no/little engagement. There probably are people who are dumb enough to fall for these accounts, but with little research and statistical apps (analyzing their history) I found all their scams. I’m not sure if the swapd.co team is actually checking these accounts, even though they state the following : “All properties sold within our community are carefully audited by our staff. We check for ownership, fake followers/likes, and make sure the transaction goes over smoothly.” yet most of the pages I was interested in are full of fake followers and look like complete scams.


I’ve been having the same issue. Late responses and a lot of the accounts I’m interested in have a very bad like/engagement to followers ratio.

Hopefully this can improve in the future, but I’m sure @Swapd has a lot of things they also have to take care of.


I hope so, I really joined this page to find a good and legit page.


Hey guys! Thanks for flagging me here. I will answer your concerns one by one.


You’re not wrong! Correction isn’t needed.
However, it’s not like we wash our hands and say “nope! you’re out of luck.” Just a few days ago one of our members @toms (let’s hope he verifies this) purchased a fanpage for 1900 USD. After a few short days it turns out it was hacked and he lost access to it. Technically, we’re clear of this as there is just no way for us to know. However, we did manage to help @toms and recover 1500 USD of those funds. The rest we applied as credit out of our own pocket. Now please don’t think we will do this every time, it all depends on the situation, our history with the cheated client, the method of payments, etc.


Since all payments and accounts go through us, there are virtually very little chances (almost none) of getting scammed. Worst case scenarios are what happens after transactions (hacked properties/etc). But, we try to limit these situations via identity verifications. Since SWAPD opened in May of 2017 we conducted many, many transactions. I believe we’ve only had three mishaps, and every single one was handled by our staff.


eBay doesn’t allow the sale of digital rights, as transfer cannot be proven, so they tend to avoid them. Listings get deleted all the time, just because you see them on eBay, doesn’t mean they’re allowed. And yes, buying accounts is tough and people can get pushy. But let me tell you, I’ve been doing this for seven years now. If you stick through it, you will find what you need at the price you want, it just takes patience.


This is the side effect of having an open style listing platform. There is no quality control. For example, on ViralAccounts.com everything gets screened and we only post the creme of the crop, however, that means very few listings, sometimes even one per week. SWAPD has a lot of new daily listings, but it takes time and will to find and negotiate a good deal. It’s like buying a used car, most of them will be crappy and sellers will want to rip you off. But if you hunt long enough, you will find that sweet deal! I promise you that.

To improve buyer experience we have some good ideas we are going to implement soon, but to enjoy these changes you will have to download our phone apps. We plan on sending push notifications straight to your phones that will list the best daily listings reviewed and approved by staff. Not only that, we plan to make verification almost mandatory to weed out bad sellers. As we speak I am about to go and test the beta version of our Android app (iOS is almost ready too). Once we work out the bugs we will submit them to the App store and Google Play for you to download. SWPAD is still technically in beta and an experiment. We learn as we go along and improve things based on user input. This is why I love topics like this and thank you for your concerns and ideas.


@peter @victorgarcia9

Hey all, thought I’d throw my two cents in on accounts and quality. To echo @swapd sentiments, it does take a fair amount of time to really go over an account properly and often truthfully that work is still abit of guess work and often better done once we have access to the admin controls of the account and can see for ourselves some of the legit data.

You will notice that we have now implemented minimum listing requirements and we do remove listings if they do come to our attention and are particularly problematic. I myself have probably removed 10-15 listings in the last 60 days because of concerns like victor raised. So please rest assured that we do our best to monitor the quality of accounts.

The other thing to please keep in mind that we often do not even see the handles of the accounts until the checkout process or if one of us is interested in more information, or someone flags a concern with us, because handles aren’t displayed publicly and going over each one would be quite the undertaking.

With all this in mind, please anytime let me know any accounts you think aren’t up to scratch and I will always make myself available to check them over and chat about. We want everyone on the platform to get great value and for everyone to profit.

Thanks for the great conversation!


Hi @Swapd (why did when I type @swapd turned into @richiewerq)

The reason I talked about ebay is because ebay has a supposed money back guarantee and safety and paypal has one too… which is why I mention this. I was curious how it would actually work if they dont allow selling accounts… I just dont know to what extent do they “guarantee” and “protect” you … especially with this sort of item/business etc. It’s great if this website can protect you more then those websites like ebay/paypal and probably more than strangers on instagram/fameswap…