Buying on SWAPD - Buyer responsibilities


SWAPD strives to be the best digital rights marketplace on the web! We do this by quality control, strict rules, and heavy moderation. These aren’t just vague promises, and we really do keep tabs on every listing on our website. However, buyers must stay vigilant, and make sure to research each property they’re buying thoroughly. SWAPD provides a money back guarantee on all listings, only if the property you have purchased turns out to be artificially created via the use of automation (bots/fake accounts). This is why the responsibility for checking things such as property history, recent/old stats, proof of income, etc. falls onto the buyer.

Buyers, before you decide to purchase, please follow these basic tips.

  • Ask for recent/old stats. Remember, you’re not obligated to purchase anything if the stats aren’t what you’re looking for. It’s in the sellers best interest to provide the buyer with what he/she needs to make a decision.
  • Ask if the property has any infractions against it. Past unpublishings or bans may affect the bottom line. Make sure to find out if there are any limitations placed on the property, such as name change blocks or merge bans.
  • Check if the property isn’t hacked. You would be surprised how easy it is, just Google it! Googling the property name with the word ‘hacked’ works wonders. Typically, if somebody loses a property, the first thing they do is they tell others about it. If someone is looking for how to get their property back, you can rest assured that you will find them on Google.
  • Ask for a detailed history. Make sure to ask if the property was built via automation or shoutouts/cross-promotions. Ask the seller if he/she ever engaged in the use of software to boost up the engagement. Try to get as many details as you can. If owning the original email account is important to you, make sure you ask the seller if the inbox is included.

Please remember, while the SWAPD staff will do everything they can to assist you, you will not hold SWAPD responsible for things other than the transaction itself or bot/fake filled properties. SWAPD is an escrow company, we don’t sell accounts/domains/websites, we sell safety. Our main priority is to make sure the transactions are conducted in a safe manner. We cannot be responsible for things out of our control, such as:

  • Hacked properties
  • Undesired activity
  • Hidden problems
  • Unpublished/banned properties
  • Recovered properties

Please, buy responsibly and do your research. After obtaining your property, you must immediately verify everything and let SWAPD know if you encounter any problems. After each transaction, buyers have a 60 minute grace period to confirm if the seller’s statements were true. If you have any questions on how to check for particular things we’ve outlined, please contact any SWAPD staff member. We also invite you to read our Terms of Service.

See also: Sellers responsibilities.

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