You can no longer use PayPal on SWAPD!

Today, PayPal decided to terminate our 10-year-long business account, despite having no problems with us whatsoever. In fact, we were upgraded to a higher-tier account due to our fantastic track record.

What does this mean for SWAPD users?

Nothing. To be honest, we’ve always hated that company (who doesn’t?), so it’s a relief that we don’t have to deal with them anymore. However, this may inconvenience a tiny portion of our community as we will no longer support any 3rd party merchants such as PayPal. Overall, only 6-7% of the transactions on SWAPD were conducted via PayPal, and most of the transactions were in the low XXX range, so this will not cause a significant problem for us. But, people who exclusively deal with low-end transactions will have to man up and switch to crypto, because bank wires aren’t friendly for smaller deals.

Are my funds safe?

Yes. PayPal confiscated a little over 5000 USD of our user’s deposited funds. Not a significant loss, and we were lucky enough to withdraw a larger amount from our account around ten days ago.

What about my pending PayPal tickets?

Sellers who have pending PayPal tickets will be paid out via bank wire. The wire fees will be covered by SWAPD. Any possible PayPal refunds will also be paid via bank wire. Payouts via crypto for pending PayPal tickets will not be possible.

Why don’t you fight back and appeal PayPal’s decision?

  1. We can’t. They’ve blocked us from doing so.
  2. We wouldn’t do it even if they allowed us. We’ve had our PayPal frozen every year since we’ve had the account. We had to explain to PayPal clerks what we do every 12 months, including sending them a stack of documents, IDs, and transaction summaries. We’re just tired of being pushed around. PayPal is PayPal, anyone who’s been online long enough knows this company and how they operate.

So, now what?

This news came to us ten minutes ago, just as our billing department made payouts. We will need a few days to update our website, policies, and fix the mess in our current checkout tickets. We please ask for your patience while we deal with this mini-crisis

To recap!

As we’ve said again, PayPal is one of the most hated online companies. Just Google them. We suggest never keeping any significant amount of money in your PayPal balance because one day, you may (WILL!) lose your account. Don’t believe us? Maybe some of our users can share their PayPal stories.

We’re sorry if you exclusively dealt with PayPal to deal on SWAPD. We will do our best to teach you how to use crypto safely. If you’re seeking help, feel free to PM your nearest @Administrators. You may also ask any questions in your replies below.


Please do not attempt to charge back any payments made to us!

We want to keep our slate with PayPal clean, even if we can’t use them. Why? Because we’re already receiving reports that users were never refunded after 180 days, and many of them had to lawyer up. If you guys start charging back your payments, PayPal will have merit to say, “see?? look! they were doing something shady!” in court.



I still have $2.3K USD stucked in PayPal since 5 years. I was never able to get them out. PayPal’s real business is holding money and earning Interest on your amounts. I think one day they will fall soon. Payoneer is way better than PayPal. I think SWAPD should start accepting payments via Payoneer as an alternative form of payment. It’s not a perfect substitute but a close substitute to PayPal in my opinion.


Crypto is the future. Sooner you know the better.

Edit: Don’t tell me I didn’t say the same thing 2 years ago.


That’s my man @trending

You stole my words truly :pray:


Still have my first online earning stuck in it, amount wasn’t much $500ish, But a lot at that point! Never used Paypal after that in my life, lost a few deals because of that, but I am fine staying from that BS company.


Daily reminder: take all your funds from PayPal. Soon or later, they will take it your money without any explanation.

If they banned your account for AUP, they will take your money. First, they will tell you that they will release it after 180 days. After 170 days, they will withdrawn your full balance under ‘Payment to: Paypal; PayPal’s damages caused by Acceptable Use Policy violation’.


I lost my FIRST $100 freelancing payment because of PayPal :")

Never looked back and will never forget .

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Paypal is a trash :wastebasket:


PayPal Sucks! That is all.

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We should sue this motherfckers of PayPal.
They fucked me up like a year ago. Giving the scammer the right and took my money and they blocked my PayPal. They literally don’t give a ■■■■ , super bad policies and outdated. They don’t want you to make money, is insane. Fucking robbers

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Paypal disabled my account with no reason during covid. Tried reaching out and they would never get back to me. Finally got a reply that they would not reactivate my account but it was only after filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They also held $10,000+ of mine for 180+ days.

I’ve been perma-limited 3 times now and come back each time with no issues lol, at this point I just auto-transfer every payment to bank when I receive on PP.

If they gave you the option to come back, then you weren’t perma-limited. We were limited every year, and came back every time too. Until now, that is.

Yeah I should make it clear these are separate accounts and they didn’t actually accept my appeals or anything like that

I have a very long legal name, so I’m able to cherrypick which surname I use and because Canadian documentation has varying forms of my legal name, PayPal was never able to match my identity with the previous accounts

PayPal sucks dick should’ve burned as a whole company many years ago fkin bastards. Excuse my french but hatred towards this company is huge

Damn, ■■■■ Paypal. Sucks that I gotta hop on the crypto game. Coinbase sucks too! If anyone can show me how to best deal on SWAPD w/ credit card let me know :slight_smile:

Get, it works like a bank. That way you can wire to us, and also receive payments.


I’ll look into it! Thanks @SWAPD