2020 is around the corner, and here is what is in store for you. (We're dropping prices!)

Life time buy/sale amount…

I don’t understand.

By the way, we’ve already implemented the 99 USD lifetime membership. I believe I’ve cancelled all subscriptions (active).

If I have complete 10 transection with total amount of $xxxx it shows total amount…

Our system doesn’t show that. Also, in 2020, all your previous data will be wiped, anyway (tickets and PMs). For safety reasons, we’ve already warned everyone in this topic. If you need to know how much you’ve earned, for whatever reason, I suggest you start taking notes of it.

Unless you have a good reason why such a thing should exist, then we won’t consider such additions in the future. In my opinion, it’s pointless but I do see why some people may see it as an achievement gauge.

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About the currency exchange I’d like to drop my 2 cents.

In our Pakistani community there are alot of trusted exchangers for almost any online currency like paypal to pkr, paypal to btc, btc to usd and etcetera.

Make an Exchanging section on swapd. Find such trusted exchangers from all communities ( I’m sure alot of swapd users will know someone we can help you find ). All the currency exchange transfers will go through swapd to prevent scam [ swapd can charge a few % on the total amount from which exchanger and buyer will split ].

Also Swapd can invite these exchangers and ask for some $$ to get verified exchanger tag or something to stand out from normal audience like if someone visits exchanging section he can easily see where to or who to go for exchanging whatever he needs.

Don’t know if it will be worth it or not depends on the users demand + ratio of deals getting cancelled due to this problem.

I’d like to hear more from other swapd users if they think they can make this idea better as this needs alot of improvements.

We will consider an exchange section. Thanks!


Remember My Name if Exchanging Will Start :smile:

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What about Tiktok sub-category?

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@swapd can we introduce a GHOST feature on swapd? Basically it is to be used by buyers on sellers who offer a service, you contact them, then they don’t reply again. So they ghosted you. I suppose it could be used on buyers too in a similar way. Maybe 3 ghosts equals a negative comment or something. I see lots of other buyers complaining about being ghosted as well in the comments section of posts, so it seems like a real thing. If the seller blocks the buyer for being abusive or whatever, then the ghost negative obviously wouldn’t appear :ghost::ghost::ghost:
Just trying to seperate swapd from tinder :hugs::fire:

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That sounds like a good idea, but I am afraid people could abuse this. We already have people basically snitching on other sellers to their employers (people who have insider access and provide a good service), and we have people already trying to get other successful sellers in trouble (jealousy?), and people even email us dirt (anonymously) on other members to get them banned.

But I will try to think of something to curb that problem.

  • Dark theme
  • Monthly / quarterly seller/provider (seller of the month)
  • SWAPD Awards (not rewards)

idk, worth a try

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We did that for a while but in all honesty I keep forgetting :frowning:

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Dark theme is doable (I think).


Bring it back :wink:

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Is there an option to hide all my topics to specific users? I’m tired of time wasters.

Nope, but you can mute specific users, you won’t see them contacting you.

Isn’t it possible to add that?

And maybe add a function to make offers via PM.

If you make an offer, you need to back it up 100%. If the seller accepts the offer, you end up in a ticket. If the buyer doesn’t go through, he gets banned (or a warning for each back out, 3 warnings and your out).

On the side of the potential buyer it’s a nice way to let the seller know you’re legit interested for a specific price.


What’s the difference between straight ignoring a user or hiding your topics from him? Unless you don’t want others to see what he posts.

And buyers do get banned all-the-time for backing out. Which ticket numbers are you talking about? We sometimes let users fly but we generally ban buyers who back out for silly reasons. I think I’ve done it like 3-4 times this week already.