500 USD to anyone who breaks Gmail login roadblocks

This might sound little bit fishy and stupid ,but trust me on this and give it a chance ,Last upgrade of most Browsers are begin to Do same pattern !!
*Use outdated browsers Versions of 2019 and so on !!
*I do have bulk of reasons why so ?!! I’don’t have enough time to explain ,Just test that and u will see .

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Sounds cumbersome to be honest, even if it works :confused:

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You & the buyer could use a single IP.

If you purchase a RDP, you as middleman, could login to check things out and afterwards give access to the buyer through that user in RDP.

The buyer can make the changes there but however they should not login from their IP immediately, they should give it a couple hours or days.

are you still offering $500 USD? I just sold my account on gmail offsite and he got in the account completely fine with how I did it.

Yes, still offering 500 USD as long as the method meets our terms/needs.

We’ve actually tried to inquire about making an account transfer software/app the mimics the sellers’ device, but after research, we found that:

  1. It would post a security risk to sellers. Having a device fully emulated with it’s fingerprint could allow buyers to take over other things.
  2. It’s too cumbersome to build and maintain (expensive too).
  3. It’s only really needed for Gmail, one of many email provides people use. Not worth it.

The bottom line is, we’re stuck with this problem. The only thing we can do is educate and shy away from people from Gmail for their social assets/projects. The good news is sellers are already switching to ProtonMail to make things easier :slight_smile: We love it!

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Tell people they got to download Nox Emulator.


I can give you list of soft on nox (which is pc simulator for android)

  1. To change location
  2. IP (created ssh tunnel)
  3. Profit.

Will look into it, thank you.

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I’ve just tried it with different emails from dif countries. Works fine.

There’s a browser called “Sphere”, from Russian hackers.

You could literally use same %useragent% and input cookies from the guy who really owns an email.

Also might be a way and if swapd has interest I could show it.

You could sell account with “gmail cookies”.

All you need is extension on portable google/Firefox to extract the cookies from site (gmail.com) for example
And same add on to insert the cookies in browser and you can login already having those cookies.

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The cookies idea might be something to look into, I’ve seen examples on other forums/marketplaces of sellers including the cookie data w/ purchase

Yeah. That’s an good way but I can tell even easier.

  1. seller downloads portable Mozilla
  2. seller logins to gmail thru Mozilla
  3. seller Winrars the whole folder with portable browser.
  4. sellers sends the whole browser.rar to buyer.

Ofc they might be small troubles with IPs but I suppose people who work with accounts know how to use VPN/Proxies.

I don’t want to get proxies involved in the transfer method. I don’t believe IP/location is that important, if it was, I would get roadblocked every time I go on vacation, and I travel a lot. I never had any problems using public/hotel WiFi.

IP doesn’t matter. What it checks for is device ID. You can spoof that with a user-agent and it will work. Please try it.

You’re right. However, they knows your patterns too. Device ID, cookies and the phone you use help. I use two factor authentication on all my stuff so I never have issues even if using a random device on vacation or private browser.

Well, how I went about it was literally getting the og to enable 2 step and not changing a single thing then I logged in while he was still logged in. it worked just fine for me and I went about changing all the info.

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