Facebook / Instagram Verification!

Service type:
Facebook and Instagram Verification for Public Figures


€2,400 Facebook (+ Transferwise/Swapd Fee)
€2,600 Instagram (+ Transferwise/Swapd Fee)

Plus fee of payment (Transferwise + Swapd) (260/270$ around?)

Requirements :
If you are interested, send on DM the full requirements, for a personal review if you can have chances to get verified, first of all.

Please don’t ask to Google your name for give you chances get verified, or just provide the articles. You had to provide FULL REQUIREMENTS mentioned here, without that I can’t saw anything and will delete your message.

  • Link to submit (FB or IG)
  • Link to connected FB Fanpage (required for Instagram)
  • Link of other socials
  • Website
  • Wikipedia (good chances to get verified)
  • Press Articles (must be about you as main subject, so not like “top 500 instagrammers to follow” but like a full feature) minium 10 articles. If you don’t have 10, we can provide for additional and different fee related only for press.
  • ID
  • Few changes required on the account (example a professional bio and other things)


We are able to do since few connections with Media Partners, like all guys here who can provide legit verification on FB/IG for their clients :slight_smile:

Process can take up few hours once get submitted. But since we can’t do unlimited request, Mightly require few days.

Payments accepted :

Transferwise or Bank

Note :

  • We can’t use India press. At FB now they know this articles it’s used to verify normal people who have money to pay for get articles.

  • We can’t use podcast links (itunes , spotify etc) as main press.

  • We can provide press on “Google News approved websites” - but this didn’t increase your chances at 100% - we usually suggest to people who have maybe 8-9 articles or anway 10 but need more ! Plus we can add press on Thrive Global, Disrupt etc

Feel free to ask if you have any questions


You can only do public figures, not brands?

pm sent

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Only if it’s related to media (TV radio music label etc

pmed you

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All articles on indian news are not accepted anymore ?

Not sure going to try today with a client.


Please @Elysian let me know, as i have all my articles in indian known websites, some of them are also verified on instagram.

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My media partner said can’t use all Indian press. Maybe a few if you have a good part of other articles on rilevant media

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Okey got it, but i think as / the rules of @Swapd service like this wont be available unless you can verify one if the admins for free to prove the Legitimacy of the service.
Just FYI incase you are new here.

What’s the point?
It’s there any issues with my thread? It’s writed I’m opened to try verification for verified users on Swapd for proof my service it’s valid

I’m just saying what i know bro, i hope u are one of the ppl that can deliver this.
I’ll be the 1st person who will deal with u incase u had any successful submission…

I saw on your profile u are also providing articles ? Are these website reliable for instagram ? Like fox and the rest on your profile ?

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I have many verified off-site, very knowed on the verification business since many years . But decided to host my services here too for expand my clients. I’m waiting to get a valid client with the best requirements to try how’s going. Can’t submit everyone who ask. So waiting to get reached from the best one and will keep everyone posted about how’s going the first submission

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No sorry I had to delete it. Buzzfeed / Medium isn’t accepted anymore and fox Nbc ABC etc it’s simple article hosted on 200/250 websites, can’t use them anymore as a reliable press articles

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Okey :+1: Hope u’ll find someone then with a pro pr so we can check ur service


I’ve actually worked with the seller in the past and can confirm he cam deliver on verification.


Can you provide PR and verification?

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please pm

No. Want to get people with press already so I’ll not wast time of anyone