How to reveal your sales/purchases to the public?

SWAPD provides sales data for all active buyers and sellers. Individual user data can be accessed in preferences by clicking Activity > Report. By default, this information is hidden from the general public. In order to reveal your sales/purchase data, members will have to navigate to their preferences and click report (as seen in the image below):

And then check the following box:

That’s it! Your sales data will now be seen by other users inside your profile (in the activity tab) and on your user card (when hovering over your avatar). The report will include user sales, purchases, and current rank when compared to other SWAPD members.

Is revealing data to the public required?

No. If you would like to stay anonymous, no problem. However, in order to participate in our SWAPD contests, participants will need to make the data visible to the general public.

Can users go private after a contest is over?

Yes, no problem. Users can freely switch the privacy checkbox on and off.

I can’t see other users earnings/purchases, why?

If you don’t see user data that means the member has set his information to private.