The dangers of not owning the original email account with Instagram. You may lose your account!

Everyday security across all platforms is getting tighter. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we can’t even log in to a Gmail account, despite having all the information we need, and even by confirming codes on previous devices. Many times, we’ve been simply “locked out” because “Google believes there is something is wrong”. It’s becoming a pain in the butt! However, I want to talk about Instagram and the dangers of not owning the original email. For smaller transactions which carry less risk, I’d say it’s okay to buy one without it. In the worst case scenario, you won’t lose much. However, if you’re willing to spend a lot of money on a top of the end Instagram account, you better make sure you are buying it with the original email.

We want to warn everyone about the dangers of buying such accounts, so we will give you a real-life example to help you understand better. We just had an uncomfortable situation in one of our tickets, and here is what happened.

  1. Seller lists an Instagram on SWAPD.
  2. A buyer is interested, opens a ticket.
  3. The seller claims he is selling it with the original email.
  4. The transaction goes through, but the buyer doesn’t check whether the email is original.
  5. The new owner tries to resell it a few weeks later.
  6. He finds a new buyer, but the buyer did his homework and checked whether the email was original. It wasn’t.
  7. We began the process of a refund.
  8. We then filed a dispute with the original seller (for lying about having the original email).
  9. The seller agreed to refund, however, when we tried to give him the account back, it got locked out (internally). This happened because too many people logged in to it from different locations.
  10. We contact Instagram, they said they wouldn’t unlock it until they receive an email from the very first email at sign up.

In the end, the original seller on SWAPD lost the funds and the account. It turns out, there were seven previous owners, and Instagram won’t unlock the account without an email from the first inbox, which no one had access to. We sided with the buyer as the seller was untruthful in his listing and refunded him the money. Naturally, the seller is angry with us, but we believe we did the right thing as the seller wasn’t truthful.

We’re telling you this story, so you all realize the risk of buying Instagram accounts without the original email. If you have to spend more than a few hundred dollars, then make sure you’re capable of losing that much money, in case something goes wrong.

We encourage all buyers to go over our Buyers’ Responsibilities, Terms of Service, and our latest guide on How To Check Whether The Email Is Original before you decide to purchase an Instagram account. SWAPD is only responsible for checking for padded stats/fake likes/followers. Buyers have the responsibility to check for everything else, as stated in our rules.


This is only reason why I don’t prefer buying instagram here in #swapd… no offense tho… I knew it before…

What steps could we take to change your mind? Genuinely wondering. As this is something out of our control, so I am not sure how to tackle this if a problem arises. How do other places handle such things?

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I don’t use any other places for B.S.T :joy::joy:… I only buy indian instagram accounts, and here in my country mostly south indian, where I can go there by person handle over cash personally and get the page personally…

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So you’re saying we should move to India to gain you as a Instagram customer? :smiley: Can you find an apartment for us?


Come to my house, will welcome u gladly, why to rent it :heart_eyes:


Taking this opportunity to inform y’all I’m selling fully Premium Instagram accounts with original emails.

Hurry up and come shop some great accounts that are safe.


Make sure it’s a requirement to sell with OG email and mark non OG email names with HIGH RISK.


Got any meme/humor/music accounts?

  1. Some people don’t care about OG emails.
  2. We warn people about this in virtually every Instagram ticket.
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Yes I do. Kindly PM me for more details.

But that’s the only way to reduce the risk. It’s a trade-off that Swapd has to consider.

What’s the only way to reduce the risk?

The only options I see are:

  1. Keep doing it the same way and have the same risks.

  2. Change things up and require OG Email labeled listings and Non-OG Email labeled listings. The latter is higher risk and therefore should net less than similar account with OG email.

Otherwise, you cant really do anything unless you have a buddy at Facebook/Instagram. Maybe a digitally signed agreement or something which proves user identity, address, etc.

This is just my opinion, of course :wink:


This is eye opening, thanks for making this announcement. It’s an absolutely ridiculous policy by Instagram (amongst many others). I actually just checked one of my main brand/business page and when I first created the account, it was under a different name (rebranded). I updated the handle and email to the new name. I dropped the old domain because it wasn’t needed and someone now has it and my OG email for the account is from the old domain. I’m not selling, but I’m totally screwed if I ever get locked out. Stupid policy, wish I knew this at the time.


Only for Instragram or Twitter also works the same way?

Pretty much all social media accounts are vulnerable if you don’t have the original email.


Swapd should create a contract which is signed by both parties

How you can check for OG e-mail ???

You have to be in the account to verify.

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