How to check whether the Instagram email is original?

Ever wondered if the email the seller includes with the Instagram account is, in fact, the original one? Well, in this following tutorial, we will show you how to check if the email account you’re getting is the original one. This is something that the buyers should check for, as SWAPD staff has other responsibilities, so we don’t always go over additional tasks.

Our responsibilities as STAFF during checkouts are as follows:

  1. Check whether stats have been doctored.
  2. See if the activity is real.
  3. Make sure the item sold gets from point A to point B safely.

That’s where our service stops. Checking for other things such as history/past owners/original emails/etc. falls onto the buyer. To find out what buyers are responsible for during checkouts, please visit this article. After each transaction, buyers will have a 24 hour grace period to confirm if the seller’s sold items/services were in accordance with the description and the set terms. In that time, buyers are expected to check for things they deem important. Once (if) everything checks out, we release the payments to the seller. Quite often, buyers aren’t aware of how to check whether the inbox they’re receiving is original, hence this short tutorial.

How to check if the Instagram email is original?

Thanks to the new GDPR laws pushed by the European Union, users worldwide now can access every single detail about their Instagram account, including history. Checking history (at the moment) is only available via PC/Desktop device. So, in order to begin, put away your mobile device and hop on your personal computer.

STEP ONE - Navigate to

Simply open your browser and navigate to Instagram. Proceed by logging into your account.

STEP TWO - Click your icon profile (Upper right corner)

STEP THREE - Click Edit Profile

STEP FOUR - Click Privacy and Security

STEP FIVE - Click Account Data

STEP SIX - Click View All under Former email addresses

This is where you can view ALL previous history, including old phone numbers, messages, etc. You also have an option to download all the data, which is nice and convenient.

STEP SEVEN - You’re done.

You should now see a list of emails used on the Instagram account. If you don’t see a single email, that means the email you’re getting is the original one. If you see two or more, that means there were previous owners (or the Instagram account holder was constantly changing emails, which is unlikely). And remember, the very last email on the list is the original one, not the one on the top.

Example (sorry, I had to mark out the emails for privacy):

That’s it! Thank you for reading.

This article was created 14.10.2018 - The images/steps may change. We will try to update this article as layout changes occur.