The Millionaire’s Club - What is it and how to get in?

What is the Millionaire’s Club?

The Millionaire’s Club is an elite group of users who reached the highest level of trust and are buying/selling tycoons. Users added to this group have a set of special privileges on SWAPD. The Millionaire’s Club membership is free. There are no recurring costs, but joining this extraordinary group of people is extremely difficult. Before disclosing what’s needed to join the ranks of millionaires on SWAPD, let’s talk about The Millionaire’s Club perks!

Current perks for Millionaire Club members

  • Ability to see URLs/@Handles of the properties in each listing inside the Social Media and Rare Handles sections.
  • Increased PayPal limit (for purchases) up to 6000 USD.
  • Ability to unban 3x members per year (with admin support and approval).
  • Ability to highlight any topic (unlimited) with a custom, eye-catching design. (Coming soon)
  • A custom SWAPD Agency.
  • Highest priority support which includes phone support.
  • Trust level three (highest trust level awarded to regular members on SWAPD).
  • The Ability to move topics (any topics, not even yours).
  • The Ability to rename topics (any topics, not even yours).
  • Increased flagging power (x5).
  • The Ability to sell influence on SWAPD , without needing a checkout ticket.
  • A custom (and most oversized on SWAPD) avatar badge.
  • A custom watermark embedded into each post.
  • A personalized award (Coming soon)

Millionaire Club members will also receive the lowest service rates on SWAPD!

Progressive Fee Structure

  • Transactions up to 10K - 6%
  • Transactions 10-20K - 5%
  • Transactions 20-30K - 4%
  • Transactions 30-50K - 3%
  • Transactions 50K and up - 2%

Additionally, Millionaire’s Club members will enjoy a flat, 6% rate on auction fees.

Disclaimer: These fees apply to social media related assets and services. Other fees may vary.

MC requirements - What do you have to do to become a Millionaire’s Club member?

To reach the highest status has to offer, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • 1 000 000 USD in sales/purchases. That’s one million US dollars in sales/purchases.
  • At least 50 transactions.
  • Conflict-free personality. SWAPD is a place of business, and if you do not know how to behave professionally, we cannot make you a Millionaire’s Club member. In addition, past infractions may prevent users from joining.
  • Admin vote. The last requirement is that all admins unanimously vote a new member in.

Think you qualify?

Send a message to your nearest admin for help. Submit all the information we need to make our decision.

Is the Millionaire’s Club is too hard to obtain, yet you would still like some perks?

We know that the bar to obtain the MC status is set to ultra-high, but that’s for a good reason. A Millionaire’s Club status wouldn’t be called Millionaire’s if it was easy to obtain. However, we realize that people mainly want to see the URLs without the cumbersome asking process as far as perks go. Please keep in mind that the process of hiding URLs from new members is here for everyone’s safety, so we cannot remove that feature. The good news is that you can have some of these valuable features without becoming a Millionaire member via our Premium Memberships. A Premium Membership requires a one-time activation fee, but it will unlock many of the VIP and Diamond Club memberships’ features. To learn more about Premium Memberships, click here .