SWAPD Agencies

What are SWAPD Agencies?

A SWAPD Agency is a team of SWAPD members belonging to a single organization that churns high-volume sales on our website. Owning a SWAPD Agency profile will make your life easier by allowing your team members to manage your workload for you. If you constantly run multiple checkout tickets simultaneously, the process can be very cumbersome for one person to manage. By creating a SWAPD Agency profile, you can lessen the amount of workload you have to manage, without the need of sharing your SWAPD membership with other staff members within your company.

What can a SWAPD Agency profile do for your company?

Here are the current perks of owning an agency profile on SWAPD.

  • Dedicated @YourAgency profile. Example: https://swapd.co/g/JKR-Agency
  • A shared inbox for all your staff and a dedicated panel for notifications and mentions. No longer will you need to chase notifications around. If (for example) one of your teammates picks up a message, it will be marked as read to all others.
  • The ability to add @YourAgency to your checkout tickets. By inviting the agency profile to a transaction, all of your staff members will have access to the ticket.
  • Any new member who registers under @YourAgency.com email will be automatically added to the staff.
  • Agents will have the ability to close tickets and modify posts.
  • Sitewide @YourAgency tagging will be enabled, allowing your staff to answer any mentions quickly.
  • Full control over your staff (add/remove members, permissions).
  • Full control over your settings (notifications/messages).
  • Full control over your agency profile (custom flair/titles).
  • Custom Agency Tag on the sales topic of your choosing.
  • New agency perk: SWAPD will occasionally promote our agencies’ services via ads in the search engines, completely free! This means more potential leads for your company.

How much does a SWAPD Agency profile cost?

Setting up and maintaining a SWAPD Agency profile is completely free, as long as your SWAPD membership meets our requirements.

What are the requirements to apply for an agency?

  • At least 20,000 USD in sales.
  • VIP membership or higher.
  • High volume sales (10-20 tickets running constantly)

Rules of conduct.

  • Agency owners are responsible for the actions of their staff members, whether in tickets or the general sections of our website.
  • No direct links or offsite contact details in the agency profile.
  • All company agents have to be ID-verified.

How to apply for a SWAPD Agency profile?

Contact one of the @Administrators or send a request to support@swapd.co.


I already own a SWAPD Agency. How do I access it?

You navigate to (please edit the URL) https://swapd.co/g/Your-Agency-Name
Once your agency is approved, the staff will guide you through the process.

Can I edit the bio/settings of my agency?

Yes. Each agency will have a dedicated owner who will have full control over the agency profile. Agency owners will be able to edit every aspect of the profile, such as notification settings, team management, company logo, bio settings, and more.

How can clients message or mention my agency?

They simply have to @tag your agency profile. If, for example, your agency is named JKR-Agency, all that’s needed is a simple @JKR-Agency tag for members to send your team notification. To send a direct message to an agency, all a member has to do is start a new message and enter JKR-Agency as the recipient.

How do I add my agency to a checkout ticket?

You will need to add them to your transaction manually. To do this, please follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to an open ticket you wish to add your agency to.
  2. Scroll up to the first post in the checkout ticket (the one containing the terms).
  3. Click Add or Remove (as seen in the screenshot below)
  4. Enter your agency profile username.
  5. Click Send Invite.

If you have further questions or need help, simply contact @Administrators.