SWAPD Rewards - How to use the program?

SWAPD Rewards allows users to earn money from each purchase/sale made by the people they’ve invited to our service. To start earning money, simply navigate to your SWAPD Rewards Panel: https://swapd.co/my/invited/

You can also access this panel by navigating to your settings by clicking your Avatar > Preferences > Invites.
Once inside your panel, you will see a custom referral link URL (see screenshot below):

Simply click ‘Copy Link’ and start sharing! The URL is custom-tailored to your account, and anyone who signs up under that link will be credited to your account. Once the new member starts making sales/purchases, you will earn 2% on each transaction. For more details regarding rates and rules, visit our Rewards Rules page and Terms of Service.

30-day sign up cookie!

The custom link will drop a custom, 30-day cookie onto the users’ browser. This means that even if the user doesn’t instantly sign up, you will still get credited with the referral if (for example) the user decides to sign up days/weeks later.

Don’t want to share links? No problem.

You can also manually invite people via email. Navigate to your SWAPD Rewards panel and clicking ‘+ Send an invite’. (See screenshot below)

The user will receive a link via their email that will auto-create an account for them.

We know people don’t like to sign up via referral links! But wait!

We realize people are always hesitant to register via referral links, so to give the users an incentive and to make your life easier, we’re throwing in an amazing promotion. We’re offering a free, one-year Premium Membership** to all users who signed up under your referral link!

How to make the most out of the SWAPD Rewards program?

  • Have a website? Write an article about us and drop your referral link.
  • Frequent other forums? Add our link to your signature.
  • Participate in buy/sell groups? Invite them over to SWAPD.
  • Have a deal going down elsewhere? Bring them over to SWAPD for an instant 2% return on your purchase/sale.
  • More ideas coming soon, we will create banner kits for people who are willing to advertise our new program.

** Restrictions apply. New members will have to reach level-two membership, make at least one sale/purchase, and become ID-verified.