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SWAPD strives to be the best digital rights marketplace on the web! We do this by quality control, strict rules, and heavy moderation. These aren’t just vague promises, and we really do keep tabs on every listing on our website. This is why we require that sellers follow a few important rules before they decide to list their property in our network. Breaking even a single rule is grounds for instant termination.

Sellers, before you post your property, please follow our basic seller rules.

  • Never post the URL/@Handle to your property in the topic. If someone is interested, they will ask you to send them a private message. If posting screenshots, please make sure the URL/Handle is covered. The only exceptions to this rule are domains/websites.
  • Be truthful in your listings, and complete each line before posting. Vague listings are unwelcomed and will be removed without any notice. Repeat offenders will receive a ban. Untruthful listings, as in lying about stats or the use of automation/engagement networks, will be removed and the sellers permanently banned. Remember, the buyers can ask for an audit during checkout, so our staff will be able to verify your statements. If at any point you were untruthful about your property, you will be promptly removed from our network.
  • Answer buyers questions thoroughly and comply with SWAPD staff requests. During a transaction, a buyer may ask SWAPD to verify the sellers claims. This means that sellers are obligated to fully comply with SWAPD demands and temporarily grant access to the property in question.

These are our most important rules that we swiftly act on if broken. To learn more about our service and how it operates, please read our Terms of Service.

See also: Buyer responsibilities.

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