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User of the month for August 2018 is: @Alpha (9)
WE'RE UPDATING - Things may go wrong (Update: They didn't. Upgrade complete) ( 2 ) (22)
Did you know you can see the listing URLs without asking people for it via PM's? (8)
We're currently skeptical of audits via (3)
Facebook/Instagram verification services are now forbidden on SWAPD, unless . . . (7)
We're removing support (2)
We're increasing our limit to 5000 USD - Why should you use TransferWise? (6)
New listings policies 08.08.2018. Sellers, please read (3)
We have updated our Terms of Service + Transaction Contract (1)
We're looking for developers! (6)
Member of the month for June (2018) is: @Hussey (7)
We're halting the sale of Fanpages on SWAPD until further notice! [UPDATE: We're back] (13)
We're suppressing the ChitChat and Buyer Request categories from the home page (11)
SWAPD Purge 2018! (Unique Services mass deletions) (1)
Introducting SWAPD app for iOS - Currently avaliable on iTunes (19)
Introducting SWAPD app for Android devices - Currently avaliable on Google Play (18)
Tiny website updates 06.06.2018 (1)
Introducing a "Questionable Seller" badge (5)
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SWAPD - Year one. A community in the making! ( 2 ) (26)
We're closing the Blackbook section due to the General Data Protection Regulation (14)
ATTN members from Pakistan (2)
There are a few things I am missing (3)
Starting next week, we will begin testing payments (8)