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Quick Rules

Since many new members neglect to read our Terms of Service (who reads these things anyway, right?) consider this a much shorter rule book on how to behave on our website. In this topic, we outline the most important rul…

3 March 30, 2017
Community Guidelines

This is a civilized marketplace for buying/selling virtual assets. Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would treat a real business. SWAPD is a place to buy/sell virtual assets, services, and …

2 March 17, 2017
Welcome to SWAPD

From the makers of, one of the most trusted and known names when it comes to buying and selling virtual assets, we introduce our new, buying and selling community named SWAPD. SWAPD (derived from the wo…

6 March 17, 2017
Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. We also use it to notify our members about upcoming changes/upgrades. Any questions or comments regarding SWAPD and how it operates, …

3 March 2, 2017
How did you find SWAPD? 88 February 17, 2020
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We're doing it again! Win 150 USD (in BTC) for submitting the funniest social media related meme! 199 February 2, 2020
WARNING! @Yair is now a moderator. (No, this is not a joke) 45 February 4, 2020
Update: We will make the Checkout BOT less annoying. (And a major update coming later on) 17 February 2, 2020
Use this URL to share our link on Facebook! [LOL - Banned again] 63 February 1, 2020
Do you want to see dedication? I will show you dedication. One of our glorious members slapped a SWAPD tattoo on his arm 75 January 28, 2020
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2020 "to-do" tracker 11 January 14, 2020
New rules for the domain category! 16 January 14, 2020
Username changes are no longer allowed on SWAPD 24 January 13, 2020 Under Attack 92 January 13, 2020
Holiday forgiveness bonanza! Were you banned? You may be pardoned, if you qualify 24 January 11, 2020
New theme bug tracker! We're upgrading our UI soon, we need your help. Edit: Upgrade complete! 74 January 9, 2020
It's official! We've had our first successful Instagram verification 22 January 9, 2020
TikTok category is now opened! 2 January 9, 2020
Due to the influx of low quality submissions, Unique Service section is now on lock-down 2 January 7, 2020
Brace yourselves, the 2020 SWAPD Purge is incoming! (Completed!) 24 January 6, 2020
Facebook/Instagram verification services are now forbidden on SWAPD, unless . . 22 January 4, 2020
IT'S ALL OVER, FOLKS! 7 January 1, 2020
Welcome to our experiment! 13 January 1, 2020
2020 is around the corner, and here is what is in store for you. (We're dropping prices!) 67 December 31, 2019
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