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New SWAPD update! We've changed the way checkout tickets work. See what's new!

Happy to announce that we’ve made a big step and changed the way tickets are opened and handled. Regular members may be confused at first, but rest assured the new update should make tickets run by smoother. So, what ha…

35 March 28, 2020
Quick Rules

Since many new members neglect to read our Terms of Service (who reads these things anyway, right?) consider this a much shorter rule book on how to behave on our website. In this topic, we outline the most important rul…

3 March 30, 2017
Community Guidelines

This is a civilized marketplace for buying/selling virtual assets. Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would treat a real business. SWAPD is a place to buy/sell virtual assets, services, and …

2 March 17, 2017
Welcome to SWAPD

From the makers of, one of the most trusted and known names when it comes to buying and selling virtual assets, we introduce our new, buying and selling community named SWAPD. SWAPD (derived from the wo…

6 March 17, 2017
Over 500+ Video Licenses For Facebook Adbreaks For Free! (Verified SWAPD users only) 109 April 4, 2020
Best 40 USD we've spent on Fiverr! SWAPD 2017 YouTube commercial! 28 April 4, 2020
We're doing it again (again)! Win 150 USD (in BTC) for submitting the funniest social media related mEmE! 81 April 2, 2020
If you edited your first post in the last 24 hours, we had to delete it 7 April 2, 2020
Bug tracker question. Do you have/see the edit button? 5 April 1, 2020
We need your help! 52 April 1, 2020
Starting next week, we will begin testing payments 11 March 31, 2020
500 USD to anyone who breaks Gmail login roadblocks 53 March 29, 2020
Currency Exchange category is now open (for Premium and VIP members) 11 March 26, 2020
We're doing it again! Win 150 USD (in BTC) for submitting the funniest social media related meme! 211 March 25, 2020
SWAPD update in 30 minutes. Expect weird stuff to happen 6 March 20, 2020
Major changes in the way tickets are conducted. The update is now LIVE! 50 March 20, 2020
FYI: Bank wires and TransferWise payments are all DELAYED due to the corona virus 8 March 19, 2020
We're making the BlackBook section private, starting now 16 March 18, 2020
This months hottest search terms. See what people are looking for on SWAPD 6 March 8, 2020
Support may be a tad limited from March 9th - 17th 1 March 8, 2020
When does Swapdcoin come? 25 March 8, 2020
Keep your guard up! We may experience an influx of unwanted members 24 March 6, 2020
2020 "to-do" tracker 12 March 1, 2020
How did you find SWAPD? 106 February 27, 2020
Need your feedback regarding listing bumping and the front page 31 February 15, 2020
What new sections would you like to see on SWAPD? 136 February 7, 2020
WARNING! @Yair is now a moderator. (No, this is not a joke) 45 February 4, 2020
Update: We will make the Checkout BOT less annoying. (And a major update coming later on) 17 February 2, 2020
Use this URL to share our link on Facebook! [LOL - Banned again] 63 February 1, 2020
Do you want to see dedication? I will show you dedication. One of our glorious members slapped a SWAPD tattoo on his arm 75 January 28, 2020