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Quick Rules (3)

Since many new members neglect to read our Terms of Service (who reads these things anyway, right?) consider this a much shorter rule book on how to behave on our website. In this topic, we outline the most important rul…

Community Guidelines (2)

This is a civilized marketplace for buying/selling virtual assets. Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would treat a real business. SWAPD is a place to buy/sell virtual assets, services, and …

Welcome to SWAPD (6)

From the makers of, one of the most trusted and known names when it comes to buying and selling virtual assets, we introduce our new, buying and selling community named SWAPD. SWAPD (derived from the wo…

Site Feedback (3)

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. We also use it to notify our members about upcoming changes/upgrades. Any questions or comments regarding SWAPD and how it operates, …

Please add Etherium as a payment method on Swapd (7)
Welcome our new moderator, @Alpha (20)
Happy birthday to us! SWAPD turns 2! ( 2 ) (25)
PSA for Instagram sellers. Make sure you know the original email, otherwise, you risk losing your account (20)
We please beg you, don't use "HELL ACTIVE" in topic titles (18)
Problems with BTC payments. We apologize for the delays [Fixed already] (12)
Until further notice, we're not allowing Facebook Groups on SWAPD (1)
Even more reasons to seek out the premium tag! (1)
Swapd Business Information (3)
Mobile: back button should take user to the part of the page they were browsing initially (5)
Making the site cleaner (3)
Our mobile app may need a reboot! (If you're not receiving notifications, read this) ( 2 ) (21)
PSA: Do not resell services of other SWAPD members (2)
Starting next week, we are increasing security by introducing new a new method of verification ( 2 ) (33)
Add "Seen" "Unseen" on Messages (2)
Earn 2% from every sale/purchase on SWAPD, for life! Introducing SWAPD Rewards! ( 2 3 ) (53)
We have opened a new category for services (11)
It's official! We've had our first successful Instagram verification (7)
We're banning the use of emojis in topic titles (1)
“Waste of Money” Tag idea (7)
Scheduled maintenance on March 23/24 (1)
:moneybag: OMG! Earn 5 USD by following this one simple trick (other sites hate this method!) ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (101)
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