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Earn 2% from every sale/purchase on SWAPD, for life! Introducing SWAPD Rewards! (BETA) ( 2 ) (21)

Update! The system is live! Earn 2% from every member you invite, for life. We’re excited to bring you this new feature, which we believe is the first type of service in our industry. We’re introducing a fully fledged…

Win 100 USD (in BTC) for submitting the funniest social media related meme! SWAPD contest time! (Contest ends Jan 31st) ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (107)

To have a little fun, we’re launching a small contest. The winner gets 100 USD (in BitCoin), no strings attached. All you have to do to win is: Upload a meme related to what we do (social media/buying/selling/promo/et…

Quick Rules (3)

Since many new members neglect to read our Terms of Service (who reads these things anyway, right?) consider this a much shorter rule book on how to behave on our website. In this topic, we outline the most important rul…

Community Guidelines (2)

This is a civilized marketplace for buying/selling virtual assets. Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would treat a real business. SWAPD is a place to buy/sell virtual assets, services, and …

Welcome to SWAPD (6)

From the makers of, one of the most trusted and known names when it comes to buying and selling virtual assets, we introduce our new, buying and selling community named SWAPD. SWAPD (derived from the wo…

Site Feedback (3)

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. We also use it to notify our members about upcoming changes/upgrades. Any questions or comments regarding SWAPD and how it operates, …

:fire: Get 5 USD just by replying to this topic! (First 50 users only!) ( 2 3 ) (52)
Let's all pray for @MeG, she is in the hospital ( 2 ) (24)
Rate the APP (14)
Public service announcement: Flag and report! This is the only way we will stay safe (10)
Don't write to me directly or to any admin ever again! (10)
Idea for a notification I think can be useful (8)
We have updated our Terms of Service! 16.01.2019 (1)
[SOLVED] Marked as read! (10)
Block feature for the site? (5)
Introducing a new, easier way of starting checkout tickets! Noob friendly! (1)
We're going through upgrades! We apologize for the bugs (1)
We no longer allow the sale of PayPal/Adsense accounts (or any similar accounts) (1)
2018 is over. Here are some interesting SWAPD facts and plans for the future! We would also like to wish everyone a happy new year! ( 2 ) (29)
Use this URL to share our link on Facebook! [LOL - Banned again] ( 2 ) (33)
Please revert your Instagram accounts to personal before transfers. New SWAPD transfer policies (5)
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from SWAPD! (10)
Banned? Want to become a member again? Christmas forgiveness bonanza until the end of December 2018 ( 2 ) (22)
I'm in love with this site LOL (9)
We're increasing our limit to 5000 USD - Why should you use TransferWise? (7)
Warning: I would like to remind everyone that selling SWAPD accounts is NOT allowed and against our Terms of Service! (5)
We are lowering fees for VIPs (1)
PSA: Leave feedback on topics! (2)
Ticket and support response times may take longer between Nov 24th to Dec 6th (9)
Member of the Month (MOTM) for the month of November is: Hussey (9)